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11 Aug

High street use classes – all change from September 1st

People may have noticed there's revolution in the air in the world of planning. Permitted Development rights are extended, permission...

08 Aug

Haringey act against office to residential conversions

CENF have submitted a letter of support for Haringey's move to apply an 'Article 4 Direction', covering Crouch End town...

22 Jun

Haringey – Wake up and smell the café

Are you ready for summer? All roads lead to Haringey, part 3. The remit for Neighbourhood Forums calls for the...

08 Jun

In Planning – Crouch End, June 2020

Current significant Crouch End developments in Planning We like to keep an eye on developments. This time a report on...


The main task of the Forum is to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.

To begin with we’re forming working groups to survey six broad categories, and we’ll need your help:

Design and character – design, conservation & heritage, public realm, accessibility, development design, shopfronts.

Housing – housing supply, mix & quality.

Environment – environmental sustainability, nature conservation, green & open spaces.

Transport – traffic, public transport, parking, cycling, walking, getting around.

Economy – economic activity, employment, shopping, town centres, leisure, art & culture, regeneration.

Social and community – public infrastructure, health, education, child care, public houses, cultural facilities.

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