21 Apr

School streets, a little delay

Haringey have contacted us to confirm the launch of the school streets has been delayed ... "The School Street was...

04 Mar

All roads lead to Haringey, *again*

High Time for the Crouch End Spring Streaterie Highway 2021 Revisited. We're reminded not to let a good blog go...

22 Feb

The Lockdown Census – March 21st 2021

Summary Here's another appeal for your participation at this most difficult of times. Only just about a fortnight ago we...

08 Feb

In Planning – Crouch End, February 2021

Another periodic look at significant local residential developments. Densification we believe it’s called – and on and on it goes....

The main task of the Forum is to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.

To begin with we’re forming working groups to survey six broad categories, and we’ll need your help:

Design and character – design, conservation & heritage, public realm, accessibility, development design, shopfronts.

Housing – housing supply, mix & quality.

Environment – environmental sustainability, nature conservation, green & open spaces.

Transport – traffic, public transport, parking, cycling, walking, getting around.

Economy – economic activity, employment, shopping, town centres, leisure, art & culture, regeneration.

Social and community – public infrastructure, health, education, child care, public houses, cultural facilities.

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