£900,000 boost for Crouch End. Can you help us spend it?

Community Infrastructure Levy – a £900,000 investment in Crouch End

All new large residential developments in Crouch End have to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), to Haringey Council. This money is paid to mitigate the negative impacts of development in the area. Of that money, 75% of it is retained by the Council and spent centrally on an infrastructure plan.

Because Crouch End has its own Neighbourhood Forum, it is entitled to 25% of the rest being spent locally. At the moment, that sum is about £900,000. The Neighbourhood Plan will contain a list, decided by local people, of the best projects to spend that money on. It could be improving libraries, green spaces, transport, community spaces, youth projects, education – a wide variety of projects can be considered.

However, if we do not have a neighbourhood plan, we are only entitled to 15%, which in our case is about £540,000. That leaves a sum of £360,000 which will be spent elsewhere if we don’t get to produce a plan. It is quite hard work to do this, but the extra money could make a big difference.

Click here for a list from Brent Council which show you the types of projects that have been supported by CIL in our neighbouring borough

The CENF AGM on the 31st March, from 1300hrs to 1515hrs in the Hornsey Library Original Gallery, is where we will be discussing this. Please come to support, and also see our website about considering to be a committee member, to ensure the plan goes forward.


  1. Annmarie Breheny

    Transport ! I think all the money needs to be spend there. With extra people staying in he area we will need better transport links so we can flow with ease. Hope this helps

  2. Caroline Crang

    Hi There,
    Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the meeting this Sunday. I work for my AFK (formerly Action For Kids), we are a small charity just by Hornsey Station supporting young disabled people locally to find paid work through various employability skills and advocacy work. A lot of our work engages with our community to make it more inclusive for our young people and the wider community of people with disabilities. We have various local projects that could hugely benefit from some of these funds and we would be interested in being involved with the committee and helping to put the plan together. Please keep us in the loop or get in touch. Thanks Caroline

    1. Adrian Essex

      Caroline, do you currently have anyone on the committee? There is room for another member and your projects sound promising. I think AFK is just outside the Crouch End boundary, but that need not be a bar as ‘cross border’ projects are encouraged. And Haringey itself controls a large part of the budget.

  3. Alison Johnston

    Improving the appearance of Priory Park – sadly neglected.

    1. Mark Afford

      Yes, I think we would like to see projects come forward from Priory Park – although these would have to be looked at with Hornsey Councillors as our Crouch End Neighbourhood Area does not include the Park (this was at the request of Friends of Priory Park, who saw the park as Hornsey rather than Crouch End).

      As it goes the development of residential projects on Hornsey High Street means there should be a significant amount of N-CIL money for Hornsey in any case, so they should apply to Haringey first.

  4. Cecilie Hestbæk

    Better cycling facilities! Crouch End / Hornsey suffers from an acute lack of infrastructure facilitating more people cycling. Namely bike hangars spread throughout the area so people in flats can keep their bikes safely – and cycling lanes and frames to lock bikes to around shops and cafes. I have always cycled before but am now not able to because there is nowhere for me to keep or lock up my bike near my house, and as I live in a top floor flat I can’t take it inside. Let’s create a greener, better Crouch End together through better cycling infrastructure!

  5. Lucia Ciampa

    We need more children’s play areas. We currently only have one in Stationers Park and it is often overcrowded after school and in the summer. We also need money for youth projects. Bored teenagers often damage our park and neighborhood.

  6. Charles Wahab

    We need a local swimming club for all ages including Masters swimming for people ages 25+. There are pool facilities (park Road Lido and indoor pool) as well as Highgate School and à number of gyms with pools. However there is no organised swim club. With a grant from the council a club can be established as there are many local residents who would volunteer to run the club (myself included, a former swim club member and English Channel swimmer).

    This can also provide much welcomed coaching for all ages of an essential sport and skill that everyone should have.

    In addition, a regular venue for the crouch end forum and community to meet in (at the town hall preferably ) can also become a hub that is a a launchpad to organise community events and development projects.

    1. Elizabeth Mackie

      Have you contacted Haringey Aquatics (the successful swimming, diving and water polo club running out of Park Road and Tottenham Green pools) about starting a Masters section?

  7. Charles Wahab

    this money can be put under a community trust fund, which can be managed by crouch end residents , who voluntarily can manage the investment such that the proceeds continue to fund projects for the community. Finance professionals such as myself are happy to provide advice for free and act as custodians such that there is a constant supply of funds to the community as a result of this money pool. Instead of spending it in one go it can continue to give for many years. Like a university trust fund, which can also accept donations and this grows to fund bigger projects. The money goes in and stays there, and it’s proceeds sustain the community. You can also get government benefits and tax benefits to grow the fund etc. Crouch end May become self sustained micro ecosystem!

  8. Tim Spiller

    I work at a local architects office and think that one interesting but complicated avenue to explore might be green infrastructure.

    This is more civic and municipal, but solar arrays feeding into the grid, recycling facilities, cycling provision – those types of things, some of which are large and some small, could be integrated to assist with the environmental impact of the area.

  9. Wendy Jackson

    I believe that some of the funding should be spent on helping independent retailers in Crouch End to focus on selling what local people want to buy. I am sure that if local people were satisfied with the current mix of shops they would gladly spend their money locally.

  10. Sophia

    It could be spent renting one of the empty shops and used by small businesses as a “pop up” shop. There are so many creative people in Crouch End so it would be easy to get people in to sell their “wares”.

  11. Alex

    I think this is a great idea. Pop up shops and restaurants help keep the highstreet fresh and interesting and can inspire the other shops learning what works with the community.


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