A glimpse at a new Town Hall

A few hundred locals turned out to survey the plans for a re-purposed and restored Hornsey Town Hall last week. The consultation exercise, put together by Newington Communications for the developers FEC and their architects, Make, foregrounded the choice of options for the green and the public square, but gave us all a glimpse into the masterplan and the main elements of the development –

– of residential units in the carpark (now up to 7 storeys high), the 67 serviced apartments of an ‘apart-hotel’, and the shape of an arts centre.

The display boards can be found at www.restoringhornseytownhall.com/resources

… of course while the designs are taking shape, we still know little in the way of details about operators, arts, retail, or the community uses.

Please do register an interest with the developers, or send your comments to us.

The planning submission is expected in July, and the Forum will be fully engaged with the process. See also our previous HTH posts under category:Hornsey Town Hall.



Option 1 of the proposals for the square













  1. tony silverman

    A feature that should be a very realistic part of the scheme from all stakeholders viewpoints is live/work spaces where the workspace element is a studio/commercial space of some sort.
    I remember (because we nearly bought there) that at least some of the ground floor units of The City Pavillion, 59 Chilton Stre et, Bethnal Green, E2 6EA are like that. It is a very successful 1990s development of a timber yard that everyone is very happy with. The spaces attract, amo ngst others, craft based businesses,an architect, a dealer in slightly exotic rugs, that type of thing, And it really would be very Crouch End.


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