A leaflet through your letterbox

We at CENF are launching our leaflet this month, coming to a letterbox near you. Look out for ’em! All eight and a half thousand.

We’ll gradually get around to every house, apartment, mansion and hovel across Crouch End during the summer, so if you see us, say hello –

– and if the flyer leaves you wanting more, you can contact us here, or leave a comment below.


CENF at large

The Forum relies on the feedback and the participation we receive from Crouch Enders, so in the coming months we aim to reach as many of our neighbours as we can, whether by leaflet, by email (sign up for the newsletter), by social media, on the street, or at one of our stalls. Look out for details.

If you’ve got some spare time, and would like to find out more about local developments, whether its the future of local housing, transport, or the town centre – it’s a good time to get involved.


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