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This post examines the merits of changes proposed by Crouch End’s councillors to filter some roads, and to create cycle lanes on Crouch End Hill.

Broadly, I support these proposals. This is not the formal position of the Forum but as we say at the head of the blog, the thoughts of one of its members.

Background and some of the players.

In the true spirit of not wanting to waste a good crisis a number of pressure groups are looking to leverage the current situation to change the way our roads work.

  • Top of the heap, the UK government, which has updated its guidance under 2004 Traffic Management Act  . Given that Covid-19 is much less easily transmitted out of doors than in, the government is encouraging out door areas for pubs, cafes and restaurants. In aiming to make these changes more likely to happen the government has allocated various pots of money, including the Reopening High Streets Safely Fund, of which Haringey’s allocation is £239,933
  • Our Crouch End councillors are also very active in pursuing various changes, which they have shared with the Forum and on which we have provided feedback. The proposals considered here are part of the proposals
  • The Crouch End Traders Association examines and comments on proposed changes to the Town Centre
  • And then of course there’s us, the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum. We don’t usually think of ourselves as a pressure group. Our role is based around the concept of planning, that is, thinking about what is happening now, and trying to propose ways in which it might happen differently in future, or perhaps happen the same in future, but better. This short commentary has been produced to address proposals which may be implemented at speed and does not represent the formal position of the Forum. Usually changes such as these would be subject to some form of detailed proposal , a public consultation and finally implementation. In the current unusual circumstances this process may be short circuited. So the Forum is joining in.
  • The London Borough of Haringey – if these changes are to be made it will be Haringey that makes them. Perhaps not so much a pressure group as a pressed upon group.

These particular  proposals

Are taken from a note Cllr Luke Harrison shared with the Forum recently.

  • Filter the eastern end of Coleridge Road (and make the road two way)
  • Filter the end of Edison Road
  • Remove some parking and rearrange what remains to provide cycle lanes both up and down Crouch End Hill(* see footnote)

For and against

Filtering the two side streets

For – Filtering Coleridge and Edison Roads are entirely acceptable. The changes proposed are small but will result in quieter back streets, more suitable for pedestrians and cyclists.

Against – The main objection to these proposals taken in isolation is that they should form part of a wider scheme.

Adding cycle lanes to Crouch End Hill

Downhill – Against

  • There is already a bus lane down the hill – small adjustments to this should improve cycling.
  • There is no need for the mass removal of parking spaces and loading bays, nor for widening pavements, which are already adequate.
  • Haringey has been granted only a relatively small additional sum, little of which will come to Crouch End. Better to ask for something more achievable.
  • The downhill cycle lane is low priority.
  • This is a very substantial change to make without public consultation

Uphill – mainly for

  • Cyclists wobble uphill. Providing them a segregated lane would make them safer
  • Crouch End Hill is an obvious route out of Crouch End to both the city and the West End


  • This is a very substantial change to make without public consultation


Note that the map at the head of this page is not new, but is adapted from a map included in Haringey’s original submission to TfL to gain funding from the Liveable Neighbourhoods scheme.


* More fully the proposals read:

  1. Relocate the taxi rank from the eastern side at the northern end of Crouch End Hill to the western side of the Broadway (outside what was Santander and Starbucks, numbers 6-10), replacing two pay and display parking bays
  2. Remove all parking bays on the eastern side of Crouch End Hill between The Broadway and Christchurch Road
  3. Add a cycle lane to the western side of Crouch End Hill between the Broadway Christchurch Road, light segregated with jersey barriers, cones, wands or other similar means (this would end to join the existing merged cycle lane that commences at Christchurch Road)
  4. Suspend all parking bays on the western side of Crouch End Hill between Edison Road and the junction with the Broadway and extend the pavement into the parking bays
  5. Suspend all the parking bays between Edison Road and Crescent Road. Convert two bays at the most southerly end of these bays (nearest to junction with Crescent Road) to loading bays
  6. Convert the existing northbound bus lane on Crouch End Hill from the end of the newly adding loading bays referenced above to the junction with the Broadway, to a light segregated cycle lane with jersey barriers, cones, wands or other similar means and suspend the bus lane to the south of Crescent road on the northbound side



  1. Ian

    For point 3, do you mean the Eastern not Western side of Crouch End Hill? Going Southbound on the Western side, against the car traffic would be terrible idea.
    For point 6, removing bus lanes for cyclists makes no sense. More people benefit from bus lanes AND cyclists can still use them safely.

  2. Adrian Essex

    The numbered points in the footnote are included as supplied, I have not attempted to correct them. I believed that the intention was to create cycle lanes both up and down the hill, each of them on the left hand side of the road.
    I agree with you about the existing bus lane.


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