A shuttle bus service paid for by developers?

Highgate Neighbourhood Forum proposal for a shuttle bus

This note gives an introduction to the sorts of ideas that might arise from an alliance of Neighbourhood Forums. The Highgate Neighbourhood Forum is further advanced in its planning than we are by about two years and it has started to explore what it might do with its Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). CIL is in effect a tax on development which is levied as the building work begins. Under government regulations some of this levy is put under the control of the Neighbourhood Forum where the development takes place, if such a Forum exists. Highgate has published a wish list of items on which it might spend its CIL allocation. Follow the link to see the full list and to vote on it.
The shuttle bus item reads:

Shuttle bus

linking shopping and health centres in Muswell Hill, Highgate, top of the Heath, Hampstead, Royal Free, Gospel Oak, Tufnell Park, Dartmouth Park, Whittington, Crouch End Broadway, Park Road Medical Centre, Muswell Hill

Of course there is no guarantee that this service will ever be implemented, but it is a bold suggestion which might very well help all the shopping centres listed and address some of the parking problems many of us experience.