A shuttle bus service paid for by developers?

Highgate Neighbourhood Forum proposal for a shuttle bus

This note gives an introduction to the sorts of ideas that might arise from an alliance of Neighbourhood Forums. The Highgate Neighbourhood Forum is further advanced in its planning than we are by about two years and it has started to explore what it might do with its Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). CIL is in effect a tax on development which is levied as the building work begins. Under government regulations some of this levy is put under the control of the Neighbourhood Forum where the development takes place, if such a Forum exists. Highgate has published a wish list of items on which it might spend its CIL allocation. Follow the link to see the full list and to vote on it.
The shuttle bus item reads:

Shuttle bus

linking shopping and health centres in Muswell Hill, Highgate, top of the Heath, Hampstead, Royal Free, Gospel Oak, Tufnell Park, Dartmouth Park, Whittington, Crouch End Broadway, Park Road Medical Centre, Muswell Hill

Of course there is no guarantee that this service will ever be implemented, but it is a bold suggestion which might very well help all the shopping centres listed and address some of the parking problems many of us experience.


  1. Glenys Law

    This is a wonderful idea and should be fully supported. New housing always means more cars and more pressure on parking. This would be a realistic way of trying to reduce that impact. It would be a really good way of showing that developers do care about communities and not just profits.

  2. Alison Johnston

    Great idea – any improvement in public transport is bound to be a good thing in view of the awful traffic problems. And getting to Highgate from Crouch End and vice versa is hopeless by public transport at present.

  3. John and Irene Walters

    We would really value this. We live on the Highgate side of Crouch End and have been registered with the Highgate Group Practice for many years. We’d rather not change but we have to drive to get there and cope with CPZ parking restrictions. There must be many others in our position, particularly along Shepherds Hill. Less frequently we visit the Jacksons Lane Community Centre, again using a car as we do not easily walk that distance. We visit Kenwood at least once a week and always drive there. We are also aware that pressure on primary school places in Crouch End means that several families are offered Highgate Primary, an excellent school but one not easily reached each morning, except by driving. A bus service linking Crouch End and Highgate would be great and help us all make use of the combined resources of the two areas without driving.

  4. Sue Hessel

    Yes please. It will mean that people won’t have to use their cars so much as this is a popular direction of travel for many North Londoners. There are lots of community events, shops etc in Highgate and Crouch End and Muswell Hill and a bus will encourage people to get out more, especially if they are more housebound or haven’t got a car.

    It will particularly help young people feel safer as many go out socially from Crouch End in the direction of Highgate, Hampstead and Camden. It will link them up with the buses in Highgate. Many go to school in this direction too, so could ease the school run traffic.

    A lot of youth crime occurs when young people are walking along eg phone snatches etc so a bus will feel safer for them .

    This bus would reflect a natural direction of travel for North Londoners – the 41 is ok but Archway is not a natural destination place for our part of London. The 91 is ok but not that useful because if you are going into central London most people would get the tube at Finsbury Park.

    A shuttle bus to Highgate would be brilliant for Crouch Enders especially as we don’t have a tube station. Thank you. Sue Hessel

  5. Sharon Kean


    This would be fab, but one question please. Will this take in Highgate tube? The biggest single difference to Crouchenders would be a frequent – at least in the mornings and evenings – link Highgate tube?


  6. Adrian Essex

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