Agenda and nominations for the 2nd CENF AGM

2nd ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, 2-4.30pm SUNDAY 5TH MARCH 2017, Hornsey Town Hall


2.00       Welcome
2.05       Approval of minutes of 2016 AGM
2.10       Chair’s report – David Winskill
2.25       Finance report and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) – Rob Jackson
2.35       Catherine West MP
2.45       Nominations for and election of Executive Committee – Elly Chalmers
2.55       Parish Pump- an opportunity for local organisations to tell us what they do and what they want us to do!

  • Crouch End Chamber of Commerce
  • Crouch End Festival
  • Crouch End Players
  • Hornsey Historical Society


3.25        Mark Afford and Charlie Sharp – FAQs about HTH
3.35       The response of CENF to plans for HTH. The developers are about to launch a consultation exercise, what should CENF be asking? What should CENF’s response be to planning applications? This part of the meeting is an opportunity to ask questions and voice opinions that will inform how the Neighbourhood forum responds.

4.15       Concluding remarks
4.20       AOB
4.30       Meeting finishes.



1. Name: Robert Jackson
Address: Glasslyn Road
Statement: I have been a resident of Glasslyn Road, Crouch End, for 16 years, and before that lived just over the hill near Archway. I retired recently having worked in the computer industry for nearly 40 years. I am a committee member of CREOS (Crouch End Open Space), a charity whose purpose is to conserve the Crouch End playing fields, and so I have a particular interest in protecting the green spaces in the neighbourhood. During the past year I have been the Treasurer of the Neighbourhood Forum and involved in the Environment working group.

2. Name: Elly Chalmers
Address: Crouch End Hill
Statement: I have lived in Crouch End for two years and joined CENF in 2016, having been active in her community in Scotland (including chairing Murieston Community Council in West Lothian). I’m a member of Crouch End Players; tinkering backstage, appearing onstage and helping develop future shows. For the last year I have been the Secretary of the Neighbourhood Forum.

3. Name: Chris Williamson
Address: Womersley Road
Statement: I have lived in Womersley Road with my wife and 2 children for 15 years.I have always been active in the community wherever I have worked and lived. A few years ago I was part of a campaign to bring the Town Hall back into use. I had proposals for the area in front of the town hall featured in the Crouch End Journal and approached Picture House cinemas who were interested in my ideas but we couldn’t make the finances work because of the repair costs and the heritage issues. I am an active member of the Coolhurst Tennis Club and play in the ladder so meet many residents through that. I have ran the Crouch End 10k every year. I think Crouch End is a great place and want to contribute to making it specal. Not to object to progress and change but to ensure that any change is positive.

4. Name: Sally Mustoe
Address: Avenue Road
Statement: I have lived in Avenue Road for 21 years. Born in Hampshire, came to London to read English but joined P&O after 2 years (joint ambitions: write & travel by sea). Was BBC journalist for nearly 40 years and continue to broadcast & write voluntary work: mostly environmental and international aid eg: ran England Ball for CPRE for 7 years, initiated and ran Welfare section of Islington Red Cross, also 4 Crouch End Festivals (Our Environment and the Arts 1998-2001). Local activist: school governor (5), MHAM for nearly 20 years and Victim Support for 5, founder member of Haringey Tree Trust and CENF Steering Group (strongly agree with other potential Exec members that CENF must not be highjacked by ANY party political Crouchenders). I am currently involved in FoE, Moorfields & Metropolitan Advisory and am Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for Avenue Road and CASCH. I have a daughter in Muswell Hill with her partner and my grandchildren aged 7 & 10 and I have a son in Portland Oregon; I’ve been married 3 times.

5. Name: Janet Sutherland
Address: Mount View Road
Statement: I have lived in the area since 1980 and at Mount View Road since 1991. I have professional experience of planning and housing, and a great interest in neighbourhood planning. My first job was as co-ordinator for the Covent Garden Forum of Representatives, established by the GLC to be the neighbourhood voice in planning Covent Garden’s future in the mid 1970’s. I’m a (non Exec) Director of The Academy of Urbanism, passionate about improving placemaking, and a housing and regeneration consultant with over 30 years’ experience of neighbourhood renewal, effective community engagement, urbanism and housing for older people. Previously Director, JTP Cities, I have held senior Housing positions with London Boroughs  (Camden and Lewisham) and I’m a Board Member and Chair of the Services Delivery Committee of Aldwyck Housing Group, a member of the Chartered Insitute of Housing (CIHM) and FRSA.

6. Name: David Winskill
Address: Uplands Road
Statement: I was born in Weston Park where my family had a grocery shop. I attended local schools and my first job was with Haringey council as a gardener. I served as a Crouch End Ward councillor for twelve years until I stood down in 2104. During that time I was involved in many planning campaigns and helped set up the HTH Community Partnership Board which became the Creative Trust. I continue to have a wide interest in local affairs, planning, transport and health. Since its inception in October 2014, I have been interim chair of the CENF steering group and hope to continue my involvement as it starts the work of writing the Neighbourhood Plan. I am not a member of any political party, am an Associate of the Men’s Health Forum, Deputy chair of London Patients’ Voice, a trustee of the HTH CIC and on the HHS Publications Committee.

7. Name: Mark Afford
Address: Elder Avenue
Statement: Resident in Crouch End for more than 25 years, with a teenage son schooled at Coleridge and Highgate Woods, my interest in CENF stems from a passion for the local area and a belief in civic engagement. I have a background in partnerships and collaborations across multiple sectors through a career in higher education, and am a founder of the Hornsey Town Hall CIC working toward a popular solution for the Town Hall. An active member in establishing the Neighbourhood Forum, I hope to continue a pragmatic advocacy of all things Crouch End. My interests are in planning, transport, heritage, and the built environment. I have no political affiliation and have been a Committee and sterring group member of CENF since its inception and have coordinated the Economy working group.

8. Name: Miriam Levin
Address: Fairfield Road
Statement: I have lived in Crouch End for the last 9 years, my kids go to school here and it’s the first place where I’ve felt like part of a community. I have been on the steering group for the CENF since its inception. I am also one of the original members of the Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society and Hornsey Town Hall Community Interest Company and have been working with the group over the last few months to achieve a future for the town hall that will benefit everyone. I am also on the committee of the Crouch End Chavurah, Crouch End’s liberal Jewish community. I hope to bring my skills in community engagement to the Executive Committee – much of my career has been in running community engagement programmes in heritage, regeneration and the built environment, as well as knowledge from my current day job in the Neighbourhood Planning team at the Department for Communities and Local Government.

9. Name: Charlie Sharp
Address: Elmfield Avenue
Statement: I have been a resident of the Crouch End area since 1976. I had the privilege to serve as a local councillor for Crouch End ward from 1994-2002. I helped organise the 1995 Clocktower Festival, and was on the Planning Committee for 8 years, 4 of them as deputy chair. I was also the inaugural chair of the local Neighbourhood Assembly and tried hard to inform and involve local residents about plans and policies. I believe that CENF offers a way of widening consultation with everyone in the area about both planning for the future and engaging with current issues. Declaration of interest: I am a member of the British Psychological Society, and the British Computer Society.

10. Name: Chris Mason
Address: Avenue Road
Statement: I have lived in the area since 1986 and in that time I have been a member of the Hornsey Conservation Areas Advisory Committee and its borough wide equivalent as well as sitting for a while of the Haringey Design Panel which has been re-cast on a more accountable basis at my instigation and was one of the instigators of the Forum. I have recorded the shopfronts and townscape of the area since 1990. Declaration of interest: I am a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Royal Town Planning institute, Hornsey Historical Society and Secretary of Friends of the Parkland Walk.

11. Name: Ciron Edwards
Address: Crouch End Hill
Statement: Crouch End resident for seven years and lived on the Ladders and in Hornsey prior to that.I’m a trained architect specialising in brief development, urban design/masterplanning, public consultation and stakeholder engagement with particular experience in school design and large, complex and challenging regeneration projects across London and the UK. I enjoy working with communities of all shapes and sizes in participatory processes and believe that genuine involvement can enrich the way places work. I’m a keen cyclist and member of CTC that used to race on and off road, but now stick to mainly utility cycling and run silly far distances instead.

12. Name: Philip Smith
Address: Ridge Road
Statement: I have lived in Crouch End since 2004 and take great interest in the community and local issues. I have sat on the Executive Committee since its formation two years ago and have contributed regularly to its activities, in particular, to the public consultation process. I am a father of two, and, professionally, I am a chartered surveyor and qualified teacher and currently take on a variety of work including private surveys and consultancy work. My main community interests are in the environment, transport, heritage and local planning issues, but I am also very interested in education and social justice. I am sometimes involved with focused campaigning on specific issues and I am not a member of any political party. For me, Crouch End is a special place with a unique High Street and wonderful mix of residents. I would like to keep it that way!

13. Name: Alwyn Lewis
Address: Mayfield Road
Statement: Alwyn is a business leader with extensive experience of working in the public and independent housing sector. His housing career began with the Greater London Council in 1975, and he became the Chief Executive of Hornsey Housing Trust in 2014. In this role he works to influence local policy makers to consider decisions that contribute to the welfare of older persons. Alwyn’s experience as a senior manager focuses on complex customer needs, change management and development of new service models to meet the challenge of new operating environments. He is also Chair of Simba Housing Association.



*All Councillors representing the Crouch End Ward, and one each (nominated as a representative Councillor) for Hornsey, Stroud Green and Muswell Hill Wards, which have a section of their wards in the Crouch End Neighbourhood Area, are invited to Executive Committee meetings.

The 2016 CENF councillors are:
Cllrs. Jason Arthur, Natan Doron, Sarah Elliott (all Crouch End ward)
Cllr. Pippa Connor (Muswell Hill ward)
Cllr. Tim Gallagher (Stroud Green ward)
Cllr. Jennifer Mann (Hornsey ward)

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