AGM Agenda and Nominations for the Executive Committee

A quick reminder about next Sunday’s 2018 Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum Annual General Meeting, to be held,–

2pm  Sunday March 4th, at Hornsey Town Hall Supper Room

*To help us manage numbers please register for a free ticket through Eventbrite (but you can still fetch up on the day). All are welcome at the AGM, hope to see you there.


2pm  WELCOME, agenda & minutes of 2017 AGM
2.05  Chair’s report – incl. Neighbourhood Plan timeline, current issues and developments
2.15  Update on proposed designs for Hornsey Library
2.20  Reviewing the Hornsey Town Hall development, incl. Q&As
2.40  CENF Finance report
2.45  Update on Community Infrastructure Levy funding
2.55  Nominations for & election of Executive Committee (see below)
3.25  Haringey’s Air Quality Business Engagement project
3.30  A new streetscape for Crouch End: the Liveable Neighbourhoods Initiative, incl. discussion
4.15pm  END






A new streetscape?  Proposed new road layout & Clock Tower Square




Nominations for 2018 Executive Committee

Name: Elly Chalmers
Address: Crouch End Hill
Statement: Elly has lived in Crouch End for three years and joined CENF in 2016, having been active in her community in Scotland (including chairing Murieston Community Council in West Lothian). An active member of Crouch End Players; Elly has produced shows, tinkered about backstage, appeared onstage and is busy writing her own (hopefully) future show. Elly was Secretary of the Neighbourhood Forum and is a member of the Environment working group. Elly is a professional bid manager/writer in the financial services sector. Elly has no political affiliations but is very interested in politics and the impact of it on her local community.

Name: David Winskill
Address: Uplands Road
Statement: I was born in Weston Park where my family had a grocery shop. I attended local schools and my first job was with Haringey council as a gardener. I served as a Crouch End Ward councillor for twelve years until I stood down in 2104. During that time I was involved in many planning campaigns and helped set up the HTH Community Partnership Board which became the Creative Trust. I continue to have a wide interest in local affairs, planning, transport and health and more recently have been a member of the HTH Appreciation Society. Since CENF’s inception in October 2014, I was chair, standing down late last year. I look forward to further involvement as we continue the work of consulting on and writing the Neighbourhood Plan and responding to the challenges that Haringey and developers continue to toss in our direction. I am an Associate of the Men’s Health Forum, Chair of London Patients’ Voice, a trustee of the HTH CIC and on the HHS Publications Committee.

Name: Robert Jackson
Address: Glasslyn Road
Statement: I have been a resident of Glasslyn Road, Crouch End, for 17 years, and before that lived just over the hill near Archway. I am now retired, having previously worked in the computer industry for nearly 40 years. I have been the Treasurer of the Neighbourhood Forum for the past two years, and I have also participated in the Forum’s Environment working group. I am also a committee member of CREOS (Crouch End Open Space), a charity whose purpose is to conserve the Crouch End playing fields, and so I have a particular interest in protecting the green spaces in the neighbourhood.

Name: Dawn Davis
Address: Cranley Gardens
I’m really interested in becoming more active in my local community and would like to apply for the executive committee. I’ve lived in the area for 18 years. I’ve brought my children up here, attending St Aidens and Highgate Wood schools. I’m a senior digital/broadcast manager, and I’ve worked for my many years in producing live broadcast events, such as the Glastonbury coverage for the BBC. I’ve also had head of department roles for several companies, most recently the publisher Condé Nast. I have a keen interest in local, national and international social issues, and am currently studying part time for a BSc in Social Sciences.
I strongly believe we should take responsibility for our local community and the issues that affect it and I would very much like to apply my planning, negotiating and other skills to help support my local community. I am happy either leading a team, or working as part of it, and I’m experienced with managing projects of all sizes, allocating resources and managing stakeholder relationships. I’m resilient, positive, encouraging and have a strong instinct for being able to find solutions and bringing positive results

Name: Mark Afford
Address: Elder Avenue
Statement: Resident in Crouch End for more than 25 years, with a teenage son schooled at Coleridge and Highgate Woods, my interest in CENF stems from a passion for the local area and a belief in civic engagement. I have a background in partnerships and collaborations across multiple sectors through a career in higher education, and am a founder of the Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society. An active member in establishing the Neighbourhood Forum, I hope to continue a pragmatic advocacy of all things Crouch End. My interests are in planning, transport, heritage, and the built environment. I have no political affiliation and have been a Committee and steering group member of CENF since its inception and have coordinated the Economy working group.
Mark Afford is currently Chair of Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum.

Name: Richard Caton
Address: Nelson Road
I have lived in Crouch End for 10 years. I love the area and feel privileged to live here. Having worked in a neighbouring council for 14 years as a programme manager, most recently in Estate Regeneration, I have a good understanding of the inner workings of local authorities and issues facing them. Locally, I helped to set up the Neighborhood Watch on Nelson Road. I have volunteered for a number of charities including Street Child, RLSB, and Kids Company. I would like combine my local authority knowledge and experience with my love of Crouch End to give something back to the local community.

Name: Miriam Levin
Address: Fairfield Road
Statement: I have lived in Crouch End for the last 12 years, my kids go to school here and it’s the first place where I’ve felt like I’m part of a community. I have been on the Executive Committee for the CENF since we started. I am also one of the original members of the Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society and Community Interest Company and have been working with the group over the last couple of years to try to achieve the best possible future for the town hall and our community. Hopefully I can bring skills from my day jobs to the CENF, including community engagement and consultation around planning and regeneration; direct experience of Neighbourhood Planning from working in the NP team at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government; and my current job running community-based social action programmes for the Office for Civil Society.

Name: Sally Mustoe
Address: Avenue Road
Statement: I came to Crouch End 26 years ago via an estate agent who was surprised when I told him I’d never heard of it! – I was downsizing in Highgate. My local involvement includes initiating and running the first 4 Crouch End Festivals, being a founder member of the Tree Trust for Haringey and of the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum; I’m a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator and still involved with local Friends of the Earth; HTH has engaged my interest from the early beginnings of the meetings and demos.
Personal info: I was a BBC journalist for nearly 40 years, local and international voluntary work was mainly in organizing events including fundraising in the fields of conservation/ecology and international aid. I was a governor of 5 schools, worked for Victim Support and in Mental Health on local Healthy Authority. I was married 3 times & have a son in USA and a daughter & 2 grandchildren in Muswell Hill.

Name: Charlie Sharp
Address: Elmfield Avenue
Statement: I have been a resident of the Crouch End area since 1976. I had the privilege to serve as a local councillor for Crouch End ward from 1994-2002. I helped organise the 1995 Clocktower Festival, and was on the Planning Committee for 8 years, 4 of them as deputy chair. I was also the inaugural chair of the local Neighbourhood Assembly and tried hard to inform and involve local residents about plans and policies. I think that the planning system should be more than just a way of making residents either angry or depressed (or both), and should be a way of building communities that work for their residents. I believe that CENF offers a way of widening consultation with everyone in the area about both planning for the future and engaging with current issues.

Name: Janet Sutherland
Address: Mount View Road
Statement: I would like to continue on the Forum, doing what we can to help engage Crouch Enders in planning the future for our wonderful neighbourhood. I have lived in the area since 1980 and for 27 years at Mount View Road. I have professional experience of housing and planning, with a great interest in neighbourhood planning. My first job was as co-ordinator for the Covent Garden Forum of Representatives, which was the neighbourhood voice in planning Covent Garden’s future in the mid 1970’s. I’m a (non Exec) Director of The Academy of Urbanism, passionate about improving placemaking, and a housing and regeneration consultant with over 30 years’ experience of neighbourhood renewal, effective community engagement, urbanism and housing for older people. I have held senior Housing positions with London Boroughs (Camden and Lewisham) and I’m a Board Member and Chair of the Services Delivery Committee of Aldwyck Housing Association.

Name: Elizabeth Davies
Address: Cecile Park
Thank you all for all the hard work you have done to date. I saved our local housing association from being taken over whilst on the board. They have put me through hell and back. First they blackmailed me, when I refused to give in. They took me to Court to remove my none profit shareholding certificate, the court threw it out. Giving up is not in my blood. I would love to help in anyway I can, and fight for justice, as you all know the law is not there for that, which is why our fight is so hard. Together we can win. Hope to climb on board.

Name: Chris Mason
Address: Avenue Road
Statement: I have lived in the area since 1986 and in that time I have been a member of the Hornsey Conservation Areas Advisory Committee and its borough wide equivalent as well as sitting for a while of the Haringey Design Panel which has been re-cast on a more accountable basis at my instigation and was one of the instigators of the Forum. I have recorded the shopfronts and townscape of the area since 1990. Declaration of interest: I am a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Royal Town Planning institute, Hornsey Historical Society and Secretary of Friends of the Parkland Walk.

Name: Caroline Clayton
Address: Weston Park
Statement: I have been a resident of Weston Park, Crouch End for the past 8 years. I have had a 30 year career in the media, and currently work as a TV development producer. I have a keen interest in town planning, street design, development and architectural heritage. Before moving to Haringey, I spent 13 years living at the Angel, Islington where I was an active member of the Angel Association, an influential local group engaged in heritage protection and neighbourhood planning. Last Summer, in Crouch End, I helped launch a local residents group to help get a better deal for the development of Hornsey Town Hall. I’m passionate about the local area and welcome the chance to help develop the Crouch End Neighbourhood Plan.

Name: Philip Smith
Address: Ridge Road
Statement: I have lived in Crouch End since 2004 and take great interest in the community and local issues. I have sat of the Executive Committee previously when I contributed regularly to its activities, in particular, to the public consultation process. I am a father of two, and, professionally, I am a chartered surveyor and qualified teacher and currently take on a variety of work including private surveys and consultancy work. My main community interests are in the environment, transport, heritage and local planning issues, but I am also very interested in education and social justice. I am sometimes involved with focused campaigning on specific issues and I am not a member of any political party. For me, Crouch End is a special place with a unique High Street and wonderful mix of residents. I would like to keep it that way!


Ex-Officio Positions on Executive Committee

All Councillors representing the Crouch End Ward, and one each (nominated as a representative Councillor) for Hornsey, Stroud Green and Muswell Hill Wards, which have a section of their wards in the Crouch End Neighbourhood Area, are non-voting members of the Committee.

Local Council elections will take place on May 3rd and as the majority of sitting councillors are not standing for re-election, named representative Councillors will change.

In 2017 and until May 2018 the Haringey Councillors on the CENF Committee are:

Cllrs. Jason Arthur, Natan Doron, Sarah Elliott (LAB, Crouch End ward)

Cllr. Pippa Connor (LD, Muswell Hill ward)

Cllr. Tim Gallagher (LAB, Stroud Green ward)

Cllr. Jennifer Mann (LAB, Hornsey ward)


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