Bicycling in healthy Hornsey

Designs for cycle routes seem to be appearing daily. TfL has identified its desires, and transport and cycling campaigners are in the slipstream. We wheeled out an overview on the impact for Crouch End previously, and engaged with some proposals too. Will Haringey cobble together some emergency routes before the funding deadline of June 5th, or will they backpedal and take the slower scenic route?

  *Maps revised and edited July 2020

In the meantime, we took a look at options and just for fun (as they say), drew up a map. A few wayfinders:

  • Firstly, the map takes into consideration the two major constraints in Crouch End, (a) the hills, and (b) the narrow roads of the town centre.
  • The strategic cycle routes would, where possible, be proper physically segregated lanes. They largely follow existing major transport corridors and TfL desire lines (we’re not sure exactly which road should be used through Harringay).
  • One strategic route starts at The Broadway, heading London-bound. We can’t see evidence to support through routes.
  • The local back-street low-traffic routes would be much simpler, relying primarily on indicative signage – but also upon pop-up modal filters, chicanes and other cycle priority devices, where useful.
  • The network attempts to provide alternate cycling through-routes, radial and orbital routes and takes note of school and station locations.
  • The needs of town centre traders should remain a priority.


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