Boundary Walk Report – Area 4 – Rathcoole


For all the emails that appear in this note, permission has been sought and obtained to add them to our contacts list.
The walk was conducted on Sunday 17th May at 2.00, a bright sunny day. Strangely, even by Sunday afternoon standards, there were few people around and so the suggested quota of ten interviews was not met. This was in some part due to the Crouch End Fun Run in Priory Park: many of the people I approached had spent the morning there, were returning home and reluctant to get into a discussion about where they thought they lived!
I was accompanied on the walk by long time Rathcoole resident Denise Hambury ( [email protected] ). She lives on Rathcoole Gardens and is firmly of the opinion that she lives in Hornsey although uses all the CE facilities and rarely ventures onto Hornsey High Street.
Incidentally, Cllr Jogee, who lives near to Denise, has robustly asserted that he lives in Hornsey.

Everyone I spoke to used Crouch End as their local and primary shopping centre. Although several people said they shopped on the Tottenham Lane Parade between the Hope and Anchor and the police Station, it tended to be for top up shopping. No one reported using Hornsey High Street
People spoke of using the CE shops, post office, Hornsey Library, pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes. Many described loving the “feel of the area”, the good transport links (no one mentioned the lack of a Tube Station), the family friendly businesses, access to parks and …. calm.
One person regretted that the Rathcoole area had lost much of its multicultural feel.
A woman living on the east side of Ferme Park road ( Emily Smith [email protected] ) praised the local schools but, with others, lamented the very high house prices. There was also concern at the move away from CE being a core shopping area to one having too many boutiques and coffee shops: there was a feeling that this had gone far enough and that there should be retail and A3 that cater for those on lower incomes.
Some people spoke up in favour of the Pay and Display increasing the churn rate of parking but were less supportive of the scale of the parking charges and readiness to enforce

Some people felt that CE extends the length of Tottenham Lane to the Police Station and that is where CE.
A shop keeper ( [email protected]) was clear that his shop was in Hornsey and drew a distinction with the much larger CE. Another shop keeper (opposite Hornsey police station) simply didn’t know (although he said he was new to the area)
Another of Denise’s neighbours on Rathcoole Gardens simply asserted that she and her family live in Crouch End because “I live here”. She also felt that Hornsey School for Girls and Holy Innocents Church is in CE.

Conclusion: Wherever people feel that they live, they all look to CE for shopping, entertainment, amenities etc.
I tend to feel that people who have lived in the area for longer tend to see a much clearer distinction between Hornsey and Crouch End. Newer and more aspirational neighbours say they live in Crouch End.
This was a small sample and I hope that we gather much more data from visitors to our stall over the CE Festival weekends.

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