Boundary Walk Report – Area 5 – Stationers’

A walk around the potential boundary area of Weston Park – Ferme Park Road – Stationers’ Park –
Mountview Road took place on June 24
2015 between 2-4pm. See map below .
The walk considered not only the potential district defined as ‘Crouch End’, but also the adjoining districts of
‘Hornsey’, ‘Harringay’, ‘Stroud Green’ and ‘Finsbury Park’ as they met the area under discussion.
Contact was made with groups active in the area including Hornsey Vale Community Centre, Friends of
Stationers’ Park, Weston Park and St Aiden’s Schools’ parents groups, Chettle Court Residents Association.
4 people were participants in the walk: Mark Afford (walk leader, CENF), Vaughan Melzer (of Chettle Court
RA), Jane Westlake (local resident), and latterly, Philip Smith (local resident & CENF).
Further respondents were interviewed in the course of the afternoon on the street, and significantly in the park
itself. 10 local residents filled in the short questionnaire which covered whether they lived or worked in
Crouch End, whether the area is part of Crouch End, and their likes and dislikes about Crouch End. An
additional 8 residents were interviewed specifically on the possible boundaries in the area.
Those interviewed all used the shopping area and facilities of Crouch End, those at the eastern end also used
Harringay Green Lanes shopping area. In addition to ‘Hornsey Library’, ‘Stroud Green & Harringay Library’
was used.
Respondents liked the family-friendly scale of Crouch End, the local independent shops, the green aspect, and
the ‘good’ schools.
Dislikes included the lack of a tube station and the general lack of good transport links, scooter-crime, and the
closure of some more useful shops.
Almost everybody interviewed expressed doubts about possible nomenclature largely because of the lack of
precedent, although it was clear that ‘Crouch End’ was favoured by all interviewed for Area No.5.
However it became clear that the area to the south, on the hill, presented the most challenging locale in which
to draw a distinct boundary line.
a) Area to the north; Weston Park; Rathcoole Avenue; boundary with ‘Hornsey’
Walk participants had no reservation in declaring the shopping parade on Weston Park to be ‘Crouch End’. A
long-time resident of Rathcoole Avenue was however clear that the Rathcoole Avenue/Rathcoole Gardens area
was ‘Hornsey’. The proximity to the Hornsey railway Station is a factor here.
Conclusion: The boundary to lie between Weston Park and the Rathcoole area.
b) Stationers’ Park and the ‘Hornsey Vale’ area
Respondents felt that this was probably Crouch End. A resident on Uplands Road, at the eastern extremity, still
clearly felt that he lived in Crouch End. No-one had a formed opinion on the industrial land alongside the
railway sidings.
Where there was doubt expressed, it was because the local Council Ward is named ‘Stroud Green’. It is worth
bearing in mind that this confusing nomenclature has only been in use since 1999, previously the local Ward
being ‘Hornsey Vale’.
Conclusion: Crouch End
c) Chettle Court
Special attention was given to the Chettle Court development of 1969. The four residents interviewed were of
the opinion that they lived in both Crouch End and Harringay, possibly Hornsey, though maybe not Stroud
Green, and that the drawing of a boundary here was arbitrary at best. Nevertheless when asked if it had to be
one only, they leaned toward Crouch End. Perhaps the W5 bus connection is a factor?
There is a live issue here connected to the current drawing up of key development sites across Haringey – the
smallish green space (with a basketball court and a playground) which surrounds the Chettle Court site is
earmarked as having the potential for residential development, much to the dismay of residents.
Conclusion: Crouch End
d) Mountview Road; area to the south; boundary with ‘Stroud Green’ or ‘Finsbury Park’
NB: At this time it is uncertain whether a Neighbourhood Forum will form in the adjoining area to the south,
down towards Stroud Green Road. It is also unclear whether this would be ‘Stroud Green’ or ‘Finsbury Park’
Neighbourhood Forum – both would have claim.
The impact on people’s views was marked: when asked if the area could be Crouch End or Stroud Green, they
were unsure. When asked if it could be Finsbury Park, it was a definite ‘no’.
A third option which would declare a ‘Mount Pleasant’ Neighbourhood Forum along the hilltop (as has
happened with the ‘Crouch Hill & Hornsey Rise NF’ immediately to the west) was not examined.
Walk participants felt that the top of the hill marked the point where things became confused, and they leant
towards marking the ridge as the boundary. However the actual residents here disagreed: a resident of
Mountview Road north of the reservoir stated he lived in Crouch End, a respondent as far south as Mount
Pleasant Villas (next to the reservoir) responded via email that she also felt that Crouch End was her
neighbourhood hub. Indeed when the walkabout approached Mountview Road from the south, participants
recalibrated their opinions in favour of Crouch End.
Conclusion: Less clear cut.
If the neighbouring area is ‘Stroud Green’ then either the postcode line along the ridge, or Mountview Road
itself might form a boundary.
BUT, if the neighbouring area is ‘Finsbury Park’ then the whole of the Hog’s Back/Mount Pleasant hill could
be considered, to a boundary on Stapleton Hall Road or along the Parkland Walk and Goblin Railway Line.
Mark Afford
May 2015
Walk Area No.5 ‘Stationers’
Possible Crouch End boundary, settled opinion of participants
Possible Crouch End boundary, unclear conclusion

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