Brighton next stop – a brand new Thameslink line from Finsbury Park in May

A bit of straightforward transport news.

We’ve been following this for a while, but it seems very few people are aware of it.

From May a new Thameslink line will head south from Finsbury Park railway station, calling at St Pancras, Farringdon, Blackfriars, London Bridge, and stations to Sussex incl. Brighton and Gatwick Airport (never easy to get to from North London). The down line goes up to Peterborough or Cambridge. Yes, brand new direct links, and surely a real improvement for a significant number of Crouch End commuters – it’ll be even better when they finish rebuilding Finsbury Park.

The new line seems to have attracted scant attention thus far, though it made this week’s Islington Gazette. There are rumours that TfL have deliberately refused to include it on the Tube pocket map – perhaps fearing news of the other shiny new service, Crossrail 2/Elizabeth Line, may be eclipsed for 10 minutes.

For the trainspotters out there the interesting bits are the new Canal Tunnels they knocked through a few years ago under the developments at King’s Cross to link the East Coast mainline with the St Pancras lines, and the shiny but spartan new class 700 rolling stock… (the Guardian had a moan, now there’s a surprise).

Please hold on, this train is about to move.


  1. David Blackman-Wells

    As I was born in N10 lived in N8 went to school there etc,now live in Littlehampton (just down the road from Brighton) not visited N8/N10 for forty odd years this could be my inspiration to come back for a day or two

  2. Edward Fox

    This is interesting news.
    But, can anyone tell me why the Finsbury Park Station Wells Terrace remains closed? There doesn’t seem to be anything happening inside. It’s a nuisance having to walk from the W7 bus stop all the way around the station to the other entrance.

    1. exactly my sentiments. why is Wells Terrace closed? one of those completely useless decisions

      See above

    2. Mark Afford Author

      In addition to the new tower blocks of City North, TfL are also reworking the access routes within the station – including two new lift shafts. All will be revealed in 2019.

  3. Mark Afford Author

    Turns out they’re running sneaky preview services from February 26th (thanks to Bryan Davey for pointing this out). Apparently it’s unannounced driver training –

    So, all aboard for the first direct service from Cambridge to Brighton, calling at Finsbury Park at 15.11 on the 26th (no doubt the train spotters will have more accurate knowledge!). The new Brighton Belle. I wonder if it has a bar?


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