Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings

This page links to the minutes of committee meetings we have held. It is our policy to make these public. Click on the text below to go to a copy of the minutes for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019,

We are the very model of determined localism,
We see our little townscape through a very Crouch End prism
We know the  rules of planning, and we quote the  legislational
From bungalows to shop fronts  , in designs all inspirational.
We’re very well acquainted, too, with matters conservational,
We understand the guidelines, both the  simple  and  relational,
About  the latest trends  we’re teeming with a lot o’ news,
With many doleful facts about  the Town Hall Square’s hypotenuse.

We’re very good at  applications all objectionable;
When Section 106 is really not Afford-able:
From Essex to the Clock Tower, we phrase it all Win-skilfully
In fair or Fouweather we carry on quite wilfully
Ciron-ically, Mason-ically, Cedillically, Mustovian
Not even any one of us is known to be Harrovian

Jacksonian, Smithsonian, Sharp-witted and Levinical
We rely upon our minions for opinions quite clinical
In short, in matters Neighbourhood Forumington,
Our secretary really was a modern Norman Beddington.


14th October 2014 Inaugural Meeting

27th October 2014 Steering Group

1st December 2014 Steering Group


13th January 2015 Steering Group

2nd February 2015 Steering Group

10th March 2015 Steering Group

16th April 2015 Steering Group

11th May 2015 Steering Group

1st June 2015 Steering Group

7th July 2015Steering Group

1st September 2015 Steering Group

2nd November 2015 Steering Group


7th February 2016 Annual General Meeting

7th March 2016 Executive Committee

4th April 2016 Executive Committee

18th April 2016 Special Executive Committee

9th May 2016 Executive Committee

6th June 2016 Executive Committee

4th July 2016 Executive Committee

6th September 2016 Executive Committee

3rd October 2016 Executive Committee

5th December 2016 Executive Committee


9th Jnuary 2017 Executive Committee

8th May 2017 Executive Committee

5th June 2017 Executive Committee

4th September 2017 Executive Committee


5th February 2018 Executive Committee

4th June 2018 Executive Committee

6th August 2018 Executive Committee

3rd September 2018 Executive Committee

1st October 2018 Executive Committee

12th November 2018 Executive Committee


4th February 2019 Executive Committee

4th March 2019 Executive Committee

29th April 2019 Executive Committee

3rd June 2019 Executive Committee