CENF Publication Scheme

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One of the guiding principles of the Forum is to operate openly in full view of the public. A number of practical measures will be put in place to achieve this including extensive consultation on all aspects of Forum activity, maintenance of this website with up to date news, publication of minutes of meetings and other relevant material.

Under the Freedom of Information Act ‘public authorities’ should respond to requests for information, and should also proactively publish some documents. Strictly speaking the Forum is not an ‘authority’ – it has no power to raise money, nor any mechanism for imposing its views on any one. For funding it relies on grants which must be fully justified as we apply for them. Any formal documentation we produce is subject to approval either by a higher authority, or by public referendum. But the Forum does stand in place, for planning purposes, of a parish council. It is this substitution which makes the Information Commissioner’s Model Publication scheme relevant. It is the intention of the Forum to produce its own version of the Model Publication Scheme.

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