Consultation on redesignation of Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum

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Neighbourhood Planning in Haringey – Consultation on redesignation of Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum

On 15 December 2015, Haringey Council approved the designation of the Crouch End Neighbourhood Area (CENA) and the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum (CENF).

The CENF was set up to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the CENA which, together with the Council’s adopted Local Plan, would form the basis for determining planning applications in the CENA.

Neighbourhood Forum designations expire after 5 years and as such the CENF designation expired on 15 December 2020. As it has not yet made a Neighbourhood Plan the CENF has applied to the Council to be formally re-designated as a neighbourhood forum. If the application is agreed by the Council then the CENF can continue to work on preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for the area.

The Council is now seeking comments on whether the CENF is appropriate to be re-designated. Requirements to be designated are set out in section 61F(5) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as applied to Neighbourhood plans by section 38A of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

The consultation begins today (Friday 5 February 2021) and all responses must be submitted by 5pm on Friday 19 March 2021.

The application is available to view at:

Responses should be made by 5pm on Friday 19 March 2021:

  • by email to Haringey Council at [email protected]
  • or in writing to Planning Policy Team, London Borough of Haringey, River Park House (6th Floor), 225 High Road, Wood Green, N22 8HQ.

For further information please visit or email [email protected]

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  1. Ivan O'Pinion

    Jolly good luck with your redesignation. At a time of huge change, and following a near apocalypse it is essential to have conscientious local people paying attention to what is happening


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