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As the neighbourhood stays home and social distancing holds sway, the Forum is in a (hopefully) short period of hibernation too. We’ll share useful local info if we get it, but do visit the government and NHS websites for accurate information. The Mayor of London’s website is here, Haringey also have a web page here. Keep washing those hands. In the meantime we thought we’d share the message, below, from the Crouch End councillors.

A number of local support offers, made by individuals, have emerged on social media, and we notice some of the local traders are beginning to offer take away and delivery services (including restaurants and grocers). We advise checking on facebook and the like for up-to-date info.

Remember, when this to-do is over our local businesses will need us more than ever.

At this time London is not, yet, in lockdown, many workers are still carrying on, but the call for those of us who can work from home to do so is insistent. The schools close today. Buses are running reduced timetables, and most of the local tube stations are open (though Bounds Green, Manor House, Arsenal, and Caledonian Road are closed). We’ll see you soon.

Many thanks to the Crouch End councillors who posted the following information.

How you can help others

If you would like to help your neighbours, the Haringey community and those vulnerable, we recommend the following in the first instance:

  1. Print off the ViralKindness leaflet and distribute it to houses on your, and surrounding, roads, and register yourself on our Crouch End Volunteer Spreadsheet. The link to the leaflet file is here, and for those without printers you can currently pick leaflets up from the upstairs desk in Hornsey Library.
  2. Set up or join street level or Resident’s Association level WhatsApp groups, Google Groups, Private Facebook Groups or email chains to help connect those offering help with those needing help at a micro level. Some have already done this (particularly Residents’ Associations), and they are the optimum way of turning offers into action.
  3. Do not buy too much produce or goods. Those that are most vulnerable are left even more vulnerable if our stores are bare of the essentials.
  4. Donate to foodbanks. Panic buying has led to a reduction in the number of donations to local foodbanks when they need them more than ever, so please do donate what you can (for example to the London Homeless Welfare Team)
  5. If you need help or support then you can contact us as your councillors at any time by email to:
Helping us to help you

As councillors we want to assist in facilitating resources where we can, but whilst the council is putting together its own resource list, we need your help to do so (email to

  1. Please send us details of the local street/community communication group or mailing list you have setup, as well as a primary contact for this group so that we can direct people that contact us or known vulnerable residents to it if they are in your area
  2. Contact us if:
  • you are a community or volunteer group and would like our support in any way;
  • you are a local business or trader that can help as part of your business, such as with local deliveries;
  • you could offer to be a ‘community lead’ should the volume of information we receive be too much for us to manage on our own.
Keeping you updated

Haringey Council has now set up a ‘Gold Squad’ to lead on the management of the COVID-19 outbreak which includes supporting the Public Health Response, Maintaining Essential Services and Community Reassurance. We are still gathering information on the exact details of all this, what the council can do beyond the scope of the government to help residents, and what we can do as councillors to support our communities.

We will provide you updates on this as regularly as we can.

To deliver information back to the community we will post updates in the Crouch End Facebook Groups, and where appropriate via emails such as this. We have also set up a Crouch End COVID-19 WhatsApp Group, as a channel to deliver information. If you would like to join it, please visit this link.

Cllr Dawn Barnes, Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison & Cllr Tammy Palmer


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