Crouch End 2030 event – 1-4pm Saturday 8th June, Hornsey Library


How would you improve it?

SATURDAY 8th JUNE 2024, 1.00 – 4.00 PM at HORNSEY LIBRARY, Haringey Park N8 9JA

This is your once in a decade chance to contribute to Haringey’s vision for the future of Crouch End. Bring your ideas (and the kids!) and make sure your voice is heard!

If you live, work or study in Crouch End and care about its future, our Crouch End Vision 2024 is your chance to —

  • Help shape the future of Crouch End’s Neighbourhood Plan
  • Be heard by Haringey Council – looking toward playing a key role in the development of Haringey’s Local Plan
  • And … have your say on how to spend £600k, which is money Haringey has to spend that can be influenced by priorities and projects decided by local people.

So, if you ever get the feeling a few environmental improvements to Crouch End might be a good thing — or attempting to fix local infrastructure or locate a few new housing schemes would be worthwhile? Perhaps a new town square or an arts centre in a disused Town Hall might be worth securing in planning policy, or a scheme to upgrade the town centre’s inadequate pavements, improve transport, or plant a few more trees and secure better stewardship of heritage assets. . .?

If so come along, either for the whole event, or just pop-in to let us know your thoughts. To help us manage numbers please register for a free ticket through Eventbrite (but you can still fetch up on the day). Hope to see you there.

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All Crouch Enders can contribute whether they live here, work here, carry out business here, are in education here, or own property in the area. Members of local societies and associations are welcome, as are our local councillors.


Photos will be taken at the meeting; if you do not wish to appear in these, please let us know.


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    1. Suzannah

      Are there other ways to input – an in person ticketed event at one time is not very inclusive?

      1. Mark Afford Author

        Hi Suzannah, you could leave a comment here?

        Otherwise we intend to be back on the streets before long.

  1. Joel Northcott

    Hi Mark, I attended the event yesterday – thanks so much to others and especially yourself for organising it; looks like a lot of work went into it from the publicity to the refreshments. My question really was to follow up on what one of spokespersons (the CiL workshop table) said – how do now get some impetus for action? Like others have said, I’m tired of Crouch End’s narrow pavements, lack of greenery and shade, street clutter and the seeming lack of progress, Was anyone from the Council’s planning or infrastructure department actually there? Did the three local councillors have views on what could be done? My fear is that 2030 will come around and nothing substantial will be done. Realistically, a total “hard landscape” redesign of the Broadway say from M&S to just beyond the clock tower (random I know) would probably cost within the realm of £5 million to £10 million, at a guess. But how do we get this? Why can it happen in Stoke Newington and Clerkenwell Green, and not Crouch End? Simply, how can we be proactive as individuals (and then as a team) to ensure we’re not still looking at “artist’s impressions” in 2030? Really keen to play my bit.

  2. Rebecca

    Hello. I couldn’t come to the event at the weekend. It’s a big shame that it was on the same afternoon as Fair in the Square (where my children were performing) and also Highgate Library’s open afternoon to save the library! Too many important local events happening at the same time!

    I’d like to contribute my thoughts.

    As I’m sure many people have said already I think it’s really important that the arts and community areas within the town hall do go ahead. Reading the information about what’s happened so far I worry it’s going to get left unfinished. It’s really very important that the plans are protected for the sake of our community.

  3. Charles Kingsley

    I also attended the visioning forum and want to thank Mark and Marcus and all the Crouch End community forum members who chaired the break out table discussion a big thanks and appreciation for job well done. A really great turnout and nice to see our local MP and council members in attendance.
    I would love to hear what the council and MP’s take aways are and how we could be collaborating with them to actually make a difference. I look forward to helping in any way I can.
    From experience in other communities I know it is possible to make a significant difference to human and nature and local business vitality by greening our high streets, and also one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to create so many benefits.

  4. Style

    A quick salutations to everyone. I wanted to make it today but couldn’t. I’ll list my ideas quickly. I got a bunch but I’ve narrowed it down to 10…(Still a lot probably but here goes)

    BANKS –
    Where are all of the banks going?? Im not sure why it seems they’ve all shifted to a different location but I think we need to keep some. I’m not sure how things are since the pandemic began and or if there is a change so that’s why I think it’s important but it’s on the bottom of my list.
    five guys

    Not a big morri simply because I don’t think there’s enough room or room for other stuff but if we have one of the smaller daily we have a daily then I think it completes the arsenal we already have.


    I recall when KFC were there before the chicken shop.

    – I’m not sure what is to go there but it’s quite spacious so I think-

    A-FIVE GUYS – this is Manny speculation. Should we have one? Do we need one? I think it’s good but there is so many around already so I’m not for or against

    B-KASPAS – if we had a dessert parlour or something as such I think it would be a good fit overall.

    C-ARCADE – something like LOADING games is the theme

    D-ESCAPE ROOM – It’s a random idea

    Talking about that moves me onto my next idea.

    We’ve got enough but if we gain a specialist sports bar, preferably a cocktail bar. I think it would be good yet it fits crouch end atmosphere.

    COMIC BOOK CARD STORE – A general place to buy comics and collectibles e.g card games.


    So it’s based on the space where crouch end studio is. If we had a mini Shopping centre or like a bunch of indoor stalls so people can remote their business or gave a space to do their business. Kind of like the stalls on Sundays at the bottom of Alexandrs palace.

    Ok, that should do it. Have a good day!!


    As for what’s needed including compulsory issues and living standards, I think a vote is needed. Even If the public aren’t really interested but If you are aware of their interests it’s better overall so we are aware of what should be done moreso.

    If you involved everyone it’s easiest to get a general response, but it will only ever go back to development and bettering of economic activity.

  5. Conchita Navarro Sáez

    I’m not up to meetings but am extremely concerned re environmental side of things.

    I checked our tree equity for Crouch End and percentage around 32.9 but it cannot surely reflect the barren area of the Broadway *itself* – a bad pollution spot with a constant high volume of traffic and yet we have very few Street trees. Just for comparison, a busy Camden street I know has around 18-20 street trees. Around our Broadway we have about 7 which includes the 3 on the Green.

    I feel both Haringey Council and local businesses ought to sponsor trees around the Broadway, especially on the Town Hall concourse as it has the most empty space. Also:
    *By the wooden benches where people wait for buses and eat lunch
    *Around the seating within the Green in front of the Town Hall
    *Along paths both sides of the Broadway and on roads leading off it eg Tottenham Lane is shockingly barren with no trees At ALL til after the roundabout.

    The path along the Broadway opposite Town Hall (Waitrose side) is narrow but a person assessing a potential tree location for a single tree I am sponsoring said trees can go in that space (probably upright fastigiate type trees).

    Tree canopy is urgent for all the reasons we know such as pollution reduction, wellbeing, stress reduction etc but in the Broadway it’s also because we have almost zero shade. By the 41 bus stop near Post office today, people were huddled under a nearby shop awning. That is not good enough. And by W7 bus stop, Town Hall side, people also huddle under the only tree nr the bus stop offering shade because as we know, shade provision was not included in the major HTH build: everyone – babies, the disabled, the elderly, those who are there to socialise, or workers on lunch breaks, sit on the new seating without shade in summer. The aforementioned tree will only shade 2 seated people!

    I am aware of a scheme whereby local businesses with vested interests are encouraged to sponsor or fund local improvements as a way to give back to the community. With the only large empty space being the Hornsey Town Hall concourse around bus stop, I feel very strongly HTH ought to be sponsoring trees there, and also within the Green, given their huge footprint in the Broadway. Street trees should be sponsored by nearby businesses and the Council.

    But note, I heard that when someone marked out potential site for a tree on the concourse the reaction from HTH was panic. They told the person that the space needed to stay clear for events. This should ring alarm bells. Events are well and good but it disclosed their self-interest in generating money. It disclosed zero interest in improving our environment.
    It is also odd that they think in summer heat, locals wouldn’t want shade when at events such as the recent Crouch End Festival.

    They still need removing. For all the reasons already given over the years, eg attracting anti social behaviour, used as urinals etc. But I’m adding another reason: new trees need to be around 3-5 metres from street utilities and fixtures – once the boxes are removed it would be possible to plant a tree there, by or near a bench.

    If CEF could pass these tree matters I raise on to the right person who is assessing funding for improvements to Crouch End, I would be very grateful. Or let me know who to contact? Thank you
    Conchita Navarro Sáez

    1. Fortior quo paratior

      Thanks Conchita, we’ll make sure your comments are heard. Trees in the town centre are a central part of our plans.

      Incidentally, the wish to have events in the Town Hall forecourt spaces has always been a part of the HTH scheme – and was generally supported… the need for generating money is however quite right. The Arts Centre has no public funding at all. They will need to figure out how to keep afloat.

    2. Charles Kingsley

      I’m in agreement with all you write here. Just for some context. At the forum, trees and greening our high streets had a lot of support and enthusiasm. And we did have our local MP and council members in attendance.
      Street trees feel like such an easy, low cost and multifaceted solution to much of what is needed for a more resilient Crouch End core: carbon absorption, shade and mitigating heat island effects, slowing traffic, making high streets more beautiful and attractive for pedestrians and supporting vibrant businesses, stormwater mitigation, biodiversity, air cleansing, general health and well being and on and on. Balancing the value of a high street landscape design identifying all available sites for trees and greening would be lovely, but also it feels so helpful to do all we can to get trees/greening planted in whatever ways possible.


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