Crouch End 2030 event – 1-4pm Saturday 8th June, Hornsey Library


How would you improve it?

SATURDAY 8th JUNE 2024, 1.00 – 4.00 PM at HORNSEY LIBRARY, Haringey Park N8 9JA

This is your once in a decade chance to contribute to Haringey’s vision for the future of Crouch End. Bring your ideas (and the kids!) and make sure your voice is heard!

If you live, work or study in Crouch End and care about its future, our Crouch End Vision 2024 is your chance to —

  • Help shape the future of Crouch End’s Neighbourhood Plan
  • Be heard by Haringey Council
  • Looking toward playing a key role in the development of Haringey’s Local Plan
  • And … have your say on how to spend £600k, which is money Haringey has to spend that can be influenced by priorities and projects decided by local people.

So, if you ever get the feeling a few environmental improvements to Crouch End might be a good thing — or attempting to fix local infrastructure or locate a few new housing schemes would be worthwhile? Perhaps a new town square or an arts centre in a disused Town Hall might be worth securing in planning policy, or a scheme to upgrade the town centre’s inadequate pavements, improve transport, or plant a few more trees and secure better stewardship of heritage assets. . .?

If so come along, either for the whole event, or just pop-in to let us know your thoughts. To help us manage numbers please register for a free ticket through Eventbrite (but you can still fetch up on the day). Hope to see you there.

CENF Membership

Want to get involved? New supporters are always welcome. We’re open to all and there is no subscription necessary. To join, simply sign up to our newsletter list on the CENF website. We have nearly 2,000 people, local organisations and businesses on our mailing list.

All Crouch Enders can contribute whether they live here, work here, carry out business here, are in education here, or own property in the area. Members of local societies and associations are welcome, as are our local councillors.


Photos will be taken at the meeting; if you do not wish to appear in these, please let us know.


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