Crouch End 2030 workshop – report

Crouch End 2030: A once in a decade chance to contribute to Haringey’s vision for the future of Crouch End.

On Saturday 8 June, 100 people from the local community took part in a range of engagement activities at Hornsey Library to help shape the future of Crouch End’s Neighbourhood Plan.

The event was facilitated by the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum with support from JTP architects. People were welcome to pop-in to let us know their thoughts, but most people stayed for the whole event and took part in one or all of the activities on offer! It was a brilliant day in Crouch End!

The event kicked off with a welcome and introduction to the Neighbourhood Forum, the goal for the Neighbourhood Plan and the structure of the day. To get the ideas flowing, attendees were treated to a “provocation presentation” showcasing various public realm and traffic interventions from around London (and further afield) including street planting, new seats, street art and road closures!

Attendees were then invited to join one of seven, themed design tables to start to draw their ideas for the future. At the end of the session, groups reported back their table’s discussions to the rest of the room. Topics were as follows:

  • Design & Heritage
  • Transport
  • Social & Community
  • Housing
  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
  • Economy
  • Environment
Several other activities were running concurrently with the design tables, to capture thoughts and ideas from people not able to stay for the whole event:
  • A bright and colourful exhibition provided people with some background information to the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum, the Neighbourhood Plan process, and insights into the history, culture, retail and character of Crouch End.
  • A kids table with engaging worksheets asked kids to draw their favourite things in Crouch End!
  • A giant ideas wall map, for people to stick their comments and ideas with colour coded post-it notes that corresponded with the seven design table topics above.
  • The JTP Engages Interactive Map, an online version of the giant wall map, was used throughout the day to test their emerging online platform, merging GIS and people’s comments all in one place. The platform will be made public very shortly!
  • An AI image generation table which allowed us to instantaneously input people’s comments using generative AI prompts, allowing visual ideas to appear in front of people’s eyes.
  • A next steps workshop, bringing everyone’s ideas together and identifying the next steps in moving the neighbourhood plan forward.

… and finally, many thanks to local bakery Dunn’s for providing cake throughout the event!


A number of community consultation info boards were produced for the event, — click here.

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