Crouch End Buses – a timetable for low emissions

A note on buses and emissions – the bus may be about to arrive.

As people may know the various standards for emissions are changing in London (not before time), and the Central London Ultra Low-Emission Zone (ULEZ) comes into being April 2019 – NB. The ULEZ standard for lorries, buses and coaches and other heavy vehicles is ‘Euro VI’ .

Meanwhile, CENF have been pressing for specific info on Crouch End’s buses, and TfL have been good enough to respond,–

Firstly, any bus entering Central London will comply with ULEZ requirements by the end of this year, which of course includes the 91 (which, as a hybrid New Routemaster, is already compliant). More importantly for anyone wishing to breathe a little more easily in Crouch End, the rest of the TfL bus fleet (including 41, W3, W5, W7) will be compliant by 2020 – achieved either through new procurement or retro fitting.

The previous policy on setting up Low-Emission Bus Zones is thus superseded, as all routes will meet the standard by 2020. Read more here.

CENF received an outline emissions timetable for local routes (click table to enlarge):



  1. Will Chan

    Thanks for the update. It appears Metroline have already started improving their W7 fleet with new hybrid buses, instead of retrofitting the existing buses. The new buses are certainly a lot quieter, and appear greener (less exhaust fumes) than the old ones.

    1. Mark Afford Author

      I noticed some hybrids on the daytime 41 route too. Good news.

  2. Mark Afford Author

    Oddly, there was a tweet from the new leader of Haringey Council, Joe Ejiofor, to say he’s lobbying Mayor Khan to secure a low-emission bus zone for Harringay Green Lanes. Which is all well and good, but a Green Lanes zone has already been announced, in March last year.

    Lost in translation perhaps (or maybe we’ll get a re-announcement – they do that don’t they).

  3. Elly Chalmers

    The Mayor met the new leader of Haringey recently so I expect a raft of re-announcements in the next few days and weeks.


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