Crouch End under construction – and how do you comment on a planning application?

Wondering how to comment on the Hornsey Town Hall development…?


We’ve got the builders in.

It’s a property Klondike out there. Build it high and sell it cheap (ah… well one out of two).

 –  For example Tottenham Lane is already being transformed piece by piece. Cinemas, restaurants, shops, and three proper residential developments at the old Hornsey Journal building, the Kwik Fit garage, and the hole in the ground where the car wash used to be  –

But the main event for the average Crouch Ender is, naturellement, the long-awaited re-development of Hornsey Town Hall. Bringing you a full scale restoration of a listed thirties classic (though a few doubts are creeping in), 7 storey blocks of flats – 146 units in total (luxury), a world class arts centre (or village hall, I can’t tell), more pavement cafés than Boulevard Saint-Germain, and a 4 star boutique hotel – no wait, apart-hotel, – no wait, well, a hotel of some kind…   it’s like Christmas.

Slight levity aside, what is of real interest are the plans set out in the application to the local planning authority (we announced the submission of planning here) – and the public consultation is now open.

This is your opportunity to comment, object, or approve of the proposed scheme. However, we’re aware that although you may have a vested interest in the development (a neighbour perhaps, or a business currently housed in the building, or anybody concerned with the planning of Crouch End for that matter), not everyone is familiar with the planning system, –

The period for consultation on the Hornsey Town Hall application has been extended due to the holiday season and the high level of local interest. It now closes on September 26th.

Haringey publish full details of planning applications. The HTH project can be found at –

  • HGY/2017/2220  Planning Permission
  • HGY/2017/2221  Listed Building Consent – Hornsey Library
  • HGY/2017/2222  Listed Building Consent – Hornsey Town Hall
  • HGY/2017/2223  Listed Building Consent – Broadway Annex

Add your comments on the link above or go directly to comment form

NB: each entry has identical paperwork, and Haringey have asked that comments should ideally be lodged under the main /2220 application. The case officer is James Hughes who is happy to respond to anyone having issues with comments or technical concerns.

A brief summary then… but don’t feel limited by the following list. Guidance on commenting upon applications is available from Haringey (their handy guide is here), with further info on the Planning Portal here. You may also want to explore the comments already posted – they appear at the bottom of the list of documents on the planning website.

The key instruction is to present relevant ‘material planning considerations’, these include, –

  • Local, strategic, national planning policies (for instance Haringey’s Local Plan)
  • Previous application history
  • Effect on listed buildings and conservation areas
  • Restoration and other alterations to a listed building
  • Sustainable development (incl. of listed building)
  • Loss of sunlight (based on Building Research Establishment guidance)
  • Overshadowing/loss of outlook due to height or closeness to the detriment of residential amenity
  • Overlooking and loss of privacy
  • Overbearing due to the scale having an oppressive impact on surrounding areas/houses
  • Out of character development if the design and scale is incompatible with surroundings
  • Noise or disturbance resulting from use, including proposed hours of operation
  • Transport issues including traffic generation, vehicular access, highway safety
  • Deficiencies in social facilities, e.g. spaces in schools
  • Local and London policy on housing, including housing mix and affordable obligation
  • Local and London policy on employment and employment land
  • Layout and density of building design
  • Design and visual appearance and finishing materials
  • Inadequate or inappropriate landscaping


The Forum will be fully engaged with the process, and will be posting discussion about the scheme here before formulating a response. We are very aware of a range of concerns already expressed on social media and the local press, from the height and density of the new-build, doubts over the restoration, the paucity of detail for the arts centre and the hotel, the loss of local business space, to the low targets for affordable housing. Hopefully we’ll find the positive too in a scheme that holds out the promise to lift the Town Hall from the at-risk register and revivify a key element of Crouch End’s town centre.

Don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts, yea or nay (but don’t forget to let Haringey know too).


  1. David Winskill

    I have just written to Emma Williamson in Planning ….

    Dear Emma

    Many thanks for the email and for the good news that the consultation period is to be extended.

    I’m sorry that it has taken a while to respond but I’m sure you will appreciated the challenges of trying to talk to colleagues during the holiday period.

    We were interested to note that further information is being sought and grateful that you will let us know as soon as it is submitted to allow re-consultation. Would you be able to give an assurance that all of it, especially the viability information, will not be presented in a redacted form but will be fully open to inspection?

    Your offer to meet officers to go through information is also welcome – could you outline how you see this working: the Neighbourhood Forum is discussing how we can enable residents, amenity and arts groups to respond to the application and any support you could offer would be appreciated.

    Finally, could you please tell the Forum who you have engaged to asses the EVA? There is concern that the property price comparators cited in the document do not reflect the prices being achieved in the centre of Crouch End.

    Best Wishes


    Chair CENF

  2. Adrian Essex

    I’ve submitted an objection to the planning application based on this note
    How can we be expected to comment on an application which our local councillors have demanded be changed. In effect their open letter has invalidated the entire consultation


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