Earl Haig nominated as Asset of Community Value

Locally important buildings gained some protection under the Localism Act a few years ago, and the Forum has nominated the Earl Haig for inclusion on Haringey’s list of Assets of Community Value. ACV status gives a community the right to bid for an asset should it come on the market. We’ll let you know how the submission fares.

STOP PRESS APRIL 2019:  An application for change of use to a nursery (‘Safari Kid’) is submitted. See comments.

The Earl Haig has served local social and community interests for exactly ninety years from January 1929 until January 2019, it would be a blow to lose it. We believe it is entirely realistic to consider that the Hall can continue, whether as a pub, which was viable, or as a community-run operation.

Alas, the Antic run pub operation closed for business in January when the building fell under new ownership. The building’s future is currently uncertain, and the marketing of the Earl Haig by the owner appears to be set at a rent well above the local market rate. Taken together with the inflated price paid for the site, it seems reasonable to fear a plan to leave it empty for a year, and then submit another attempt to gain consent for demolition and redevelopment. This would be a breach of Planning Policy, and we’re seeking ACV designation to assist in the safeguarding of an important local community asset.

Read the submission here.

We’re also seeking to add the building to Haringey’s Local List of heritage assets. Read more.

   Photo Credits: Mark Afford


  1. Gavin Bungay

    Any ideas, suggestions for how people can support the application?

    It has my support, but I would like to direct my contribution in a meaningful direction rather than just piss in the wind.

    1. Mark Afford Author

      It appears to be a pretty closed decision making process (3 Haringey officers) with no space for public consultation I’m afraid.

      You could always fire off an email to acv@haringey.gov.uk expressing the community’s strength of feeling?

      1. Mark Whitehead

        contact your councillor and get them to act.

  2. Tom Barclay Matchett

    I’d love to do something with this building. The Antic model was a good one as a pub with lots of community activities taking place there too. I often wondered if you could use it in the daytime for people to work in too, a kind of local business club of sorts which on some nights of the week operates as a pub/eatery too.

    1. Mark Afford Author

      Just, …yes. Brilliant idea.

      There are the remnants of the 2012 campaign around, and people have the ideas. And we’re trying to make our position clear to the property developers and to Haringey. Maybe things will develop in our direction, but either the rent they’re asking for or the price paid for the building would have to fall.

  3. Mark Afford Author

    In today’s Ham & High –

    I think people already knew that there was a nursery operation in negotiations. But the article confirms that pre-application discussions have begun with Haringey. The question is, will Haringey stick to their planning policies and demand that the building is marketed properly as a pub before any change of use is considered. Given that the new owners closed the pub on day one of their ownership, there’s little doubt they have never had any intention of running one.

  4. Mark Afford Author

    Well, … the planning submission to apply for change of use to a 100 intake nursery has duly arrived – find it under reference HGY/2019/1026,

    The interested company is “Safari Kid” a multinational upscale nursery company originally based in California, with branches in the UK in Chiswick, Clerkenwell, and Windsor.

    Apparently it’s £500+ per week. I have no idea whether that’s good or bad, but at least you’ll know your little charges will be speaking Mandarin, learning coding, and be confident public speakers, all by the age of two. Spit spot.

    What does it mean for the ‘community asset’ status, or Haringey’s pub planning policy? Well, the applicant is asserting that the pub was never in fact a legal operation, that it wasn’t actually a pub, therefore pub protection policies do not apply. What is clear is that with a complete re-design of the interior, any future use as a community hall will be totally lost.

    We’ll have a close look.

  5. Adrian Essex

    I understand that the Earl Haig was also put forward to be locally listed. Has that decision been taken yet?

    1. Mark Afford Author

      The Forum has enquired about the nomination for ACV, but have not heard back. Haringey have now taken 6 weeks, but we may not have missed the boat, yet (depending upon what Safari Kid intend to sign up to).

      Likewise, the decision on local listing is currently filtering its way through Haringey channels.


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