Environment – Which of Crouch End’s Parks/ recycling bins do you use? Should there be more trees?

The Evidence Base

As a representative body the Forum must  base its actions, and eventually the Neighbourhood Plan, on evidence. Mainly this evidence comes from statistical sources. The Office for National Statistics provides a wealth of data, much of it based on the census. Haringey also does a lot of research, perhaps you have seen the traffic monitoring kit attached to various lamp posts around the place. Another form of evidence comes from soliciting opinion, and given that this is a Neighbourhood Forum, the opinions we need are those of local people. Hence this request to complete a questionnaire on ‘the environment’.

This set of questions relates to ‘the environment’ so we specifically ask about open spaces, recycling and trees.  The questionnaire does not have a space for a free format answer, but you can add comments at the foot of this page, to address key features you think we may have omitted.

May we invite you please to complete our environment questionnaire.

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A Mix of Sources

The data gathered will be combined with the results from the paper forms we have had completed at our stall in the Town Hall Square, and will go into the mix with many other local consultations, such as this one which also touched on uses for the Town Hall Square.

Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust consultation April/May 2015

Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust consultation April/May 2015

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