Executive Committee – first formal meeting 7th March

This was the list of nominations for membership of the Executive Committee

The first meeting will be a planning and catch up session: there is a lot of stuff that the old Interim Steering group was working on that will move over to the EC, especially the funding that Norman has secured and the discussion about the role of consultants.

So far the first draft agenda looks like this

1 – apologies
2 – minutes of 07.02.16 AGM & issues raised
3 – general Discussion: composition of Exec Committee, identification of key officers.
4 – election of officers
5 – housekeeping matters – communications, frequency and regularity of meetings
6 – meeting with Haringey Planners
7 – next steps on Neighbourhood Plan consultation, role of Working Groups, and scope of Current Issues Group
8 – use of consultants
9 – note of 05.01.16 finance discussion & recent Locality grant award
10 – report of Current Issues Group
11 – Haringey Local Plan consultations
12 – website
13 – AOB

On item three, it is usual to have a chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary. Should two more posts be added – Web Co-ordinator and Press and PR? Should we have one person responsible for pulling together the consultation programme? Your thoughts are welcome and we will decide at the meeting.

If you would like to have an informal chat about standing please feel free to contact David, Mark or Miriam.

At the end of the AGM you will remember that we divided the room into four tables to talk about the four theme groupings that could be a way to approach the writing of our Neighbourhood Plan. These themes are not cast in stone and this meeting will be an opportunity to air thoughts as well as to discuss where we go next with the working groups.

Highgate NF was established two years ago and so is well advanced in writing its plan: you can click here http://www.highgateneighbourhoodforum.org.uk/plan/ to have a look at the plan they are developing.

The Haringey Local plan is in the final stage of its consultation and is asking for comments on its soundness (as opposed to its content). This is a key document that will be part of the backdrop to our neighbourhood plan and well worth becoming familiar with http://www.haringey.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/planning/planning-policy/local-development-framework-ldf/local-plan-consultation.

Don’t forget to have a look at the website www.crouchendforum.org.uk and add it to your favourites!

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