Come and meet us at the Crouch End Fun Run

Meeting fellow Crouch Enders and gathering their thoughts, ideas, and impressions of the neighbourhood is at the heart of what the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum is about. Come and see what we’re up to at this year’s YMCA Fun Run and Festival in Priory Park.

This year we’re establishing a new list of local projects that deserve funding – our ‘CIL List’. The Community Infrastructure Levy is a fund for Crouch End that should give us a six figure sum to allocate to popular infrastructure projects in the Neighbourhood Area – and we need your ideas now to help determine priorities for spending.

Our working groups are continuing to devise local policies that can direct the way our community develops in the future, the Neighbourhood Plan, and if you have an interest or want to volunteer your time and get more involved let us know. We’re surveying six broad categories: Environment; Social & Community; Design & Character; Economy; Transport; and Housing.

And don’t forget, new members are always welcome, no subscription necessary, and open to all. We now have well over a thousand people, local organisations and businesses on our list!

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