Come and meet us at the Crouch End Fun Run

Meeting fellow Crouch Enders and gathering their thoughts, ideas, and impressions of the neighbourhood is at the heart of what the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum is about. Come and see what we’re up to at our first stall of the year at this year’s YMCA Fun Run and Festival in Priory Park.

The Forum pitch is somewhere near the paddling pond!

This year we’re putting together our new Working Groups, and we’re looking for your input – whether you simply have a comment to make, or want to volunteer your time and get more involved. The Groups are charged with assessing various aspects of Crouch End and developing the policies that can direct the way our community develops in the future – our Neighbourhood Plan. This is a key opportunity for Crouch Enders to make their voices heard in the process.

We’re surveying six broad categories:

Design and character – design, conservation & heritage, public realm, accessibility, development design, shopfronts.

Housing – housing supply, mix & quality.

Environment – environmental sustainability, nature conservation, green & open spaces.

Transport – traffic, public transport, parking, cycling, walking, getting around.

Economy – economic activity, employment, shopping, town centres, leisure, art & culture, regeneration.

Social and community – public infrastructure, health, education, child care, public houses, cultural facilities.


And don’t forget, new members are always welcome, no subscription necessary, and open to all. We now have over 200 people, local organisations and businesses signed up.

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