Executive Committee meeting March 26th 2018

The next Executive Committee meeting will be held on March 26th at Hornsey Town Hall, room tbc. Meetings are open to the public.

Draft Agenda

  1. Minutes, February EC
  2. Finance – new Locality funding programme (and info) here
  3. AGM report
  4. New members – welcome
  5. Progress toward the Neighbourhood Plan – Workshop with Biljana Savic on April 26th, agenda and topics materials, arrangements
  6. Assets of Community Value – renewal of ACVs on Earl Haig and Hornsey Town Hall, new ACV on Library?
  7. Hornsey Town Hall update
  8. Hornsey Library update
  9. Current Planning Applications
  10. Media, web & comms
  11. AOB – Council Elections (and new councillor positions on CENF EC), Air Quality business project update, Liveable Neighbourhood Initiative update

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