Executive Committee Meeting May 9th

The Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum’s Executive will be meeting on May 9th.

Welcomes, apologies and introductions from EC members observers.
All Forum Members and others are welcome to attend meetings of the EC.  Questions and contributions are encouraged: this will be at the discretion of the Chair, depending on how well we are getting through agenda items.
Minutes of previous meetings and other documents are available on https://www.crouchendforum.org.uk .
  • Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising and approval.
  • Budget (RJ)
  • Locality funding application (RJ)
  • Basecamp – reflections and update (CS)
  • Current issues – basements, HTH Square, Middeys planning app, other.
  • Stationers’ Park petition (DW)
  • Leaflet (MA and FC)
  • Making Day and CE Festival stall (ML)
  • Fun Run stall (DW, NB)
  • NF work timetable (draft )
  • WGs – membership update
  • Training morning (21 May) (JF, ML) – appointment of consultant
  • AOB


To catch up with all previous minutes click here

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