We’re at the Crouch End Festival once again!

We’re at the Festival! Come and tell us what you really think about Crouch End’s town centre – are the streets fit for people? Are the roads for cars, buses or cycles? And what about the look of the place – do we want more trees, car-free piazze, pavement cafés and traditional shopfronts? On the verge of big changes to the urban realm we want your opinion.

Meeting fellow Crouch Enders and gathering their thoughts, ideas, and insights into the neighbourhood is at the heart of what the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum is about.

On Saturday 9th we’ll be running a stall in the Town Hall Square grabbing your attention with new and irresistible larks, and giving everyone opportunity to celebrate/grumble about* our beloved Crouch End.

(*delete as appropriate).

STOP PRESS:  we have a questionnaire on the priorities for the Town Centre. Please do visit and leave your thoughts –

Polldaddy / Priorities for the Design of Crouch End Town Centre

The Forum are working toward a survey of Crouch End and the development of policies that can direct the way our community develops in the future – our Neighbourhood Plan

And don’t forget, new members are always welcome, no subscription necessary, and open to all. We now have over 1,500 people, local organisations and businesses on our list.

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