Ferme Park Road / Tottenham Lane re-design

People may be interested to learn that Haringey’s highways team are looking to resolve the long-standing issue of the unsafe junction at Ferme Park Road and Tottenham Lane (currently a mini-roundabout). The improvements are proposed in two stages and an initial interim intervention will be a zebra crossing across the top of Ferme Park Road. Expected completion date September.

Secondly, of much greater impact, is the subsequent complete redesign that removes the roundabout and signalises the junction. This project is yet to be agreed, particularly by TfL, but if so implementation would be 2-3 years from now. Haringey seem confident it will go ahead.

Such a solution would improve the situation for pedestrians considerably, though possibly at the cost of slower traffic through Crouch End. Much modelling remains to be done, so we’ll see. It’s good to see Haringey putting into place the walking and cycling hierarchy recently adopted as policy.

91 bus route

Hitherto the sticking point for change has been the turning of the 91 buses. However, TfL seem likely to accept a separate Haringey proposal to run the 91 route through the Clarendon development in ‘Haringey Heartlands’ (do they still use that term?). The 91 would therefore terminate somewhere in Wood Green. This frees up road options for Crouch End – but at the cost of (presumably) a less reliable 91 service. The future of the 91 will go through consultation in the autumn, aiming at adoption September 2024.

   Image, top: a destination board no longer? (rights. Ian Armstrong)

In the meantime Haringey are still running a consultation on the speed reduction measures on Ferme Park Road, this to improve road safety in general and for pedestrians. The scheme largely consists of raised platforms at junctions and placing the parked cars back on to the roadway (rather than half up on the pavement).

This public consultation runs until 5 May 2023. See Speed Reduction Measures on Ferme Park Road.



  1. Mark Afford

    On the current FPR plans – if we’re moving the parked cars off the pavement, how about setting out to create a tree lined avenue instead of the current polluted, grim roadway?

    1. Ben Rogers

      I completely agree. Whilst the proposals are positive in that some footway parking is proposed to be removed, the Council is only suggesting to remove around 50% of this. There is a great opportunity to create a really lovely tree-lined street (particularly from the top of the hill to Tottenham Lane), which will be missed if the proposals in their current form are progressed.

  2. Mr A DC

    Firstly the 91 should be taken around the corner the w3 route and alight at that end of road turning. With a maximum of three buses a lighted or take the w3 route and be the bus for the new sainsburys resulting in the w3 route and using the right hand turn as on bus diversions. This will enable crouch end and other areas of vii Hornsey to have travel options to sainsburys with the bus turning back onto the 41 route back onto crouch end, Tottenham lane.


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