Haringey ward map re-drawn – Crouch End found

The Boundary Commission have published the draft ward map recommendations for Haringey.

EDIT:  The various submissions are also now available, see below.

For the Forum this will mean three less councillors to deal with as Muswell Hill ward disappears from our part of the map. Elsewhere in Haringey it’s goodbye to Fortis Green and Harringay as entities. I imagine someone won’t be pleased.

The new look –

Generally we’re happy to report that the recommendations made by the Forum have been accepted, and our previous post contains a number of useful links and information (click here).

The Commission’s recommendations are now back out for public consultation, until August 5th. A final map will be produced in September, for adoption before the next local elections.

As we mentioned before, it’s all been done before of course, in 1963, 1977 and 1999 to be exact, but population numbers are rising (and the growth of Tottenham has easily outstripped that of the west of the Borough), so it’s all change. The objective of the exercise is to achieve an average electorate of 9,880 (+/- <5% variance) in each ward (using the projected 2024 figures).

Much information at the Commission’s website, and the ‘have your say’ page is here. The report on the first round of submissions is here.

A closer look at our part of the world –

The current boundaries –

The Forum’s suggestion (back in December) –

The Boundary Commission have also now published the various submissions. See this webpage under “(3) Submissions from warding arrangements consultation”. These include the council’s, Labour’s and the Lib Dems’.

The various drawings are below, see if you can spot any political nudging! Of course, the real constraint they’re all straining to meet is the instruction to equalise the electorate for each ward.



  1. Adrian Essex

    Muswell Hill disappears but MH South still has a border. Same number of cllrs, n’est ce pas?

    1. Mark Afford Author

      But none of ‘Muswell Hill South’ lies within the Crouch End Neighbourhood Area.

  2. Mark Afford Author

    The Commission have published the individual submissions, see above for a comparison of ideas for Crouch End.

  3. Glenys Law

    I am pleased to see that the Crouch End Playing fields, including the CREOS Woodland Walks are now all in the Crouch End ward. This is logical and will make it easier to know which councillors to contact.


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