Haringey’s Town Centres Creative Art Project reaches Crouch End

A scheme designed to deliver large scale artworks for town centres across the borough, the Creative Art Project, has now reached Crouch End and large painted murals amid the shops form the principal proposal. The scheme continues the earlier shutter gallery in Tottenham.

What do you think? Public consultation has been somewhat lacking and the current reach-out to Crouch Enders is brief, but the consultants in charge of the project, Tottenham’s Bud Studio, are keen to hear local views.

The deadline for responses is January 20th (so be prompt)

In particular Bud are asking –
1. Would you like to see large scale art interventions in Crouch End? Yes or No?
2. If yes, what would you like to see, what themes would be interesting?

(Image credit: Bud Studio)

Do let them know your thoughts, contact Bud Studio at hello@budstudio.co.uk

Obviously murals are more usually found in inner city locations than Crouch End, and are consequently likely to prove divisive installations, though it is noted that Haringey argue they will revitalise the area. Or at least brighten things up.

Opinion thus far strongly suggests that artwork ought to be accomplished to a high and professional standard and avoids some of the more graffiti-esque designs seen elsewhere. Some kind of positive response to the historic character of the area would be welcome. There is a risk that the shopping centre is harmed in this process and it is incumbent upon the local authority to ensure that this is not so.

Other things we’ve learnt include, –

  • The art form is not confirmed. Murals seem likely, but other possibilities include window painting, fascia design, chewing gum trails, etc. (please suggest alternatives).
  • The initial push for a ‘shutter gallery’ is not being taken forward. The Crouch End work is largely proposed for flank walls, perhaps 2 or 3?
  • Bud have identified 10 possible sites in Crouch End, including walls across the centre.
  • Concerns over the impact on the Conservation Area have been raised.
  • The decision to proceed, the commissioning process, and the actual designs and artists are in the hands of Haringey officials and Bud Studio.
  • Muswell Hill and Stroud Green are other west of borough locations for the project.
  • The haste is due to the need to spend the monies before the end of the financial year.

Do let them know your thoughts, contact Bud Studio at hello@budstudio.co.uk


  1. Jeff

    Apparently Muswell Hill have wisely refused the offer of large scale murals blighting their town centre…

    1. James Rogers

      Generally people don’t like change as they are afraid of it and don’t like to challenge themselves. They prefer to be comfortable in what they know but life is short and opening up one’s mind is exciting and stimulating so even if they think they don’t want art in their community it doesn’t have to be permanent and is worth trying just to change it up and bring some change to people’s lives. Change is inevitable.

  2. Mark Afford

    Thanks for the Arts Council/SELEP report – very interesting reading and it serves to remind us of the poor approach taken by Haringey.

    Firstly, as the report says, there is a wide scope for cultural interventions, almost all of which (curated retail space, workshops and maker-spaces, events, education, galleries, heritage, etc.) would be widely welcomed here. For example people have been calling for investment in local heritage in Crouch End for some time (it’s a shame Haringey and Historic England restrict their activity, the ‘Heritage Action Zone’, to Tottenham). Hornsey Town Hall is the obvious example of culture-led change for Crouch End, and should be welcomed.

    Secondly, the report clearly calls (‘Developing a clear roadmap’) for a robust appraisal of the current cultural landscape before interventions are decided upon – none of which has been carried out by Haringey before floating the mural idea. We would like this done: as the report says “No one high street is the same”. Why we seem limited to a slapdash programme of sticking murals up I don’t know.

    Where the report falls down is the absence of evidential data on the outcomes of cultural interventions.

  3. Meagen S

    If our goes ahead, I’d like to see if linked to established and emerging artists that already work in and around Crouch End. Collaborate with the Open Studios artists, the artists that used to display in the pre-renovated library, etc.
    Can it be turned into a participatory event like display and voting during Crouch End festival.
    Selection at a local level.

    1. Adrian Hackney

      Meagen, such a collaboration might have been a wonderful thing but the local authority decision-making approach is 1) decide 2) justify 3) mention the decision obliquely in some obscure place 4) consult.
      As mentioned above the heritage action zone only exists in Tottenham. The Open Studios artists live on the wrong side of the tracks.


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