Have you always wanted to be in a group? – join the Crouch End Police WhatsApp

The local police force is setting up a series of WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp is a messaging system which supports communications between individuals and across groups. Operating Systems permitting the App is available on smartphone, laptop, desktop and tablet computers. Some of you might be able to use it on your watch for all I know.

The purpose of the local police groups is to inform small areas – streets in this case – of incidents soon after they happen. To heighten awareness of what is going on, and thereby perhaps, also to raise alertness.

The message from the police reads:


Crouch End Police are now on WhatsApp.

We will be using Group Chat – AND – 1-2-1 Chat As an additional way of communicating with you and the community.

Getting the Message OUT Getting Information In

The scope of use is wide and therefore has a lot of potential benefits for the community.

The Group Chat Principle – Each street (A Group) on the ward will have their own Group Chat. Following an offence that has happened in your street (like Burglary). We would send you a message via the WhatsApp Group Chat to notify you of what has happened.

We will provide you the basic offence details –

  • The Offence.
  • The Time.
  • The Method Used (like Smashed Rear Window).

BUT we will NOT identify the Location or Victim/s.

This will provide you a Red Flag of what has happened on your street and prompt you to Look-Out for suspicious behavior and act as a prompt for you to review your own security arrangements.

From time-to-time, we will message you Bullet Point Crime Prevention Advice. You will NOT be bombarded with information. You do not have to sign up. But the more who do take part this exciting concept it will only benefit your street even more.

The 1-2-1 Chat Principle Being part of WhatsApp. You can also message Us directly and privately.

Have a –

  • Question?
  • Concern?
  • Like to arrange an appointment?
  • Like to provide us with information?

Just message us a call back and we will call you. All messages are encrypted therefore are private between you and us.

What it’s NOT

Please do not report crime via this facility, as we are not 24/07. Please call the non-emergency number which is 101. In case of an emergency always dial 999.

The CrouchEnd WhatsApp is up and running has been since Saturday/Sunday.

Joining a Group

The Principle of joining is asking those interested to message us on Twitter with their street, this will give us an idea if they are covered by CrouchEnd, unfortunately some have replied but their street has been covered by Muswell Hill or Highgate.

If their street is covered we will send them our mobile number asking them to message us on WhatsApp their name and address.

As more and more join, more and more streets get added and will eventually cover our ward The more that join up in a street the more the street will benefit Safety Security Spirit Knowledge and know how etc.

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