Hornsey Library re-designed, drop-in sessions

Haringey Library Services have announced three drop-in sessions to discuss the new look library with the design team:

Wednesday 13th June, 430-630pm (today!)
Thursday 14th June, 930-1130am
Saturday 16th June, 9-11am

Images of the new designs are currently on display in the library (until 25th June), and a suggestion box is provided. CENF learns the display will be online shortly and we’ll post when available. In the meantime images can be found at the OpinioN8 website (have a look).

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  1. Adrian Essex

    I could not see on the proposals anyhting that looked like a counter. The only lending/borrowing facility seems to be a self service check out. Have the drop in sessions revealed any different?

    1. Mark Afford Author

      No counter.

      The self-service machines are to do most of the work, hidden behind a screen of books. A ‘welcome desk’ positioned at the bottom of the stairs will handle some enquiries (joining the library etc.), whilst librarians, like staff in tube stations, will flit about armed with tablets. I imagine we’ll recognise them by the Haringey livery.

      Talking of which, though the stated intention is to retain the listed fittings and painstakingly adhere to the original colour scheme, Haringey are insisting that anything new (such as sofas and some bookcases) will have to sport the corporate colours. I feel an objection coming on.

  2. Paul Soper

    It seems that Haringey have misappropriated several paintings created by David Hockney which are still in copyright – the standing figure in the centre is from a 1972 painting and the seated figure on the left is David’s father – I wonder if they sought permission and made appropriate payments or will a copyright action brought by Britain’s favourite artist lead to a financial settlement which we will all have to pay as ratepayers?


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