Hornsey Town Hall planning application submitted

You wait ages for a planning application, and then four come at once.

FEC, or Crouch End (FEC) as the project company is known, have submitted planning for the largest, and most important, development to hit Crouch End in decades. Featuring 146 new flats, a hotel, a community venue, new restaurants, and a redesigned town square, the official press release is on the restoringhornseytownhall website here (and the requisite blue-skied artist’s impression is above).

The relevant entries and supporting documents are available via Haringey’s planning system, at –

  • HGY/2017/2220  Planning Permission
  • HGY/2017/2221  Listed Building Consent – Hornsey Library
  • HGY/2017/2222  Listed Building Consent – Hornsey Town Hall
  • HGY/2017/2223  Listed Building Consent – Broadway Annex

Please do have a read.

NB: each entry has identical paperwork, and Haringey have asked that comments should ideally be lodged under the main /2220 application. The case officer is James Hughes who is happy to respond to anyone having issues with comments or technical concerns.

The official public consultation runs until September 5th, NOW EXTENDED TO SEPTEMBER 26th, with a determination expected in the November or December Planning Sub-Committee.

The Forum aim to be fully engaged with the process, and will be posting discussion about the scheme here before formulating a response. Don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts, yea or nay (but don’t forget to let Haringey know too).

People may have concerns over the height and density of the new build, traffic issues, noise or community access. It does seem the lack of affordable housing – the developer has suggested zero in the application – is causing significant concern (as reported in the Ham and High). However, the much needed restoration looks increasingly likely and many welcome the rescue of the building from the at-risk register as a long overdue event.

As yet there’s no news on an operator (“sometime in August”), so the significant question marks around an arts centre or performance venue (details are thin if not non-existent) remain. We’ll let you know.

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  1. Elly Chalmers

    I’m disappointed that the affordable element has reduced from a paltry four to zero. Even given the coat of the refurb, FEC will make a fortune on the sale of the new build flats.

    I am glad that the town hall will see the investment it so craves, but so much is still vague so I cannot fully support the proposed development. I also have real concerns about the impact on public transport, particularly the W7.

  2. Adrian Essex

    My concerns are twofold. Firstly that the proposals are very different from what I have ever heard Couch Enders say they want in the building. Secondly, that what is now being proposed is so different from what was agreed in the OJEU tendering process. I fear that the supposed advantages FEC had over the other bidders have all evaporated, meaning the process was meaningless. I have set this out more full here http://opn8.co.uk/HTH_concerns

  3. Adrian Essex

    These applications are complex, confusing and inaccurate. Only having a consultation open over the school holidays is a very unsubtle subterfuge. Our councillors should intervene to extend the period. This link suggests what to ask for http://opn8.co.uk/time_to_think


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