Housing hopes for Crouch End? Questionnaire, summer 2019

Crouch End is growing. Few significant vacant, brown-field sites remain, and July should see construction work commence at the Town Hall and the ex-Kwik Fit site on Tottenham Lane. So, will the market solve all our housing problems? Or are your priorities a little different?

This summer the Forum ran a housing priorities survey and questionnaire. Results to follow soon.


What are Crouch End’s housing needs? Should interventions be aimed at renting or buying? What groups in society should be prioritised – mature neighbours who could downsize, younger couples, locals? What’re the chances of your children being able to stay in the area? How do you feel about affordable housing? Shared ownership? Social rents? What contributions should be made by developers through ‘section 106’? Should all contributions provide units in the east of the borough instead?

What should Crouch End’s new housing look like? Shall we build higher? And where should it go – floors above existing houses, converted from offices and shops, replacing old garage courts? Let us know, the Neighbourhood Plan can identify suitable sites for development.

Top image: Roden Court, Hornsey Lane, 2011-12 (One Housing) – 136 units incl. 52 affordable and 40 social

Second image: Fuller Court, Park Road, 2012 (Bellway) – 56 units incl. 20 affordable  (photo credits: Mark Afford)

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