How the Neighbourhood Forum will deal with urgent planning applications

One of the Working Groups set up by the Forum is concerned with “Design and Character”, elements of the make up of Crouch End which are managed by means of Planning Applications. There are a very great many such applications submitted to Haringey every week, and most are unexceptional, but a few seem to shout out for a comment, in the hope that the planners will disallow the application, or at least modify it in some way.

One of Forum’s committee members has put forward a proposal as to how contentious applications should be dealt with by the Forum. The technique proposed is to:

  1. monitor applications for those that are relevant to the Forum
  2. for one of the leaders of the “Design and Character” working group to draft a submission to the planning department, using the principles applied by the (now defunct) Conservation Area Advisory Committee
  3. for this draft to be circulated to members of the Executive Committee
  4. in the absence of disagreement for this draft to be submitted to Haringey’s planning department (anyone can comment on a planning application, and this is an example of an application with comments on the Middey’s development)
  5. if there is disagreement about the draft, then a discussion should ensue with possible escalation to the Executive Committee for a decision
  6. over time a store of examples will build up, providing precedents for similar applications and streamlining this process.

The original of this proposal on planning applications can be read here.

The featured image is taken from The Tottenham Independent and shows satellite dishes in a conservation area. Something which requires, but is never granted , planning permission.