In Planning – Crouch End, June 2020

Current significant Crouch End developments in Planning

We like to keep an eye on developments. This time a report on current proposals both consented and proposed – but not yet under construction. How the post-Covid housing world will shape up, we don’t know. All references are to the Haringey planning portal.


Jameson Lodge, 58 Shepherds Hill

   (image credit Applicant’s submission, Haringey planning)

After attracting some 55 objections including those from councillors, this development of 2 new houses occupying an ex-garage court was approved under delegated powers on May 29th. The planning officers decided it conformed to the London Plan’s direction “boroughs should pro-actively support well-designed new homes on small sites (below 0.25 hectares in size)”. Planning application at HGY/2019/1139.

Avenue Heights, 3-5 Avenue Road

   (image credit Applicant’s DAS, Haringey planning)

Avenue Heights is the sixties tower block at the end of Avenue Road (built in 1964 originally as sheltered accommodation for elderly Jewish refugees), the proposal being an upwards extension of the lower horizontal block at the roadside. The plan is to demolish the existing 2 storey structure and rebuild a (strengthened) facsimile which will then allow the extra floors, up to 5 storeys high. All in all the current 10 flats in this front building will become 17 (visually the difference will be the darker floors in the image above). Original planning application at HGY/2018/0589.

The developers have recently submitted applications (including HGY/2020/0853) seeking approval of details, principally a construction management plan –

  • Proposed Site Construction Commencement date – Monday 5th October 2020 
  • Proposed Site Construction Completion date – Friday 4th February 2022 
  • Total Duration Period – 65 weeks plus Christmas shutdown 

Rear of 19 Haringey Park

The final undeveloped garage court/backland on Haringey Park. After a number of refusals down the years, this application succeeded with a suggestion to erect 3 houses and demolish the current 18 garages. See HGY/2019/2829.

70-72 Shepherds Hill

   (image credit Applicant’s DAS, Haringey planning)

A controversial proposal seeking demolition of a Victorian villa in the conservation area (one of the few on that stretch of Shepherds Hill). It’s due to be replaced by a 16 unit block of flats (the render shows the replacement). Nothing has happened since the decision. If it doesn’t commence, the consent will time out in May 2021. Planning application at HGY/2016/2081.

In Planning

Morriss House, 23 Coolhurst Road

   (image credit Applicant’s DAS, Haringey planning)

A proposal causing some local consternation, a petition and headlines in the Ham & High. Having closed as a care home sometime ago (declared unfit for purpose) the developer wants change of use to residential and 9 units. It’s clearly an over-development – though we note that if it is once again to become a viable care home, as suggested by the MP, wouldn’t the buildings have to be even larger? See HGY/2020/0773.

STOP PRESS – Meanwhile, another possibility hoves into view, conversion to a nursery. See HGY/2020/1345 on the planning website.

42 Shepherds Hill

A proposal to create a new house extending out alongside the existing Victorian villa, it has attracted some objections, but it’s an area with numerous changes over the years. Expect a decision shortly (it’s delegated to officers). See HGY/2020/0190.

In Pre-Planning

139-141 Crouch Hill

  (image credit Google Maps)

A proposed demolition and replacement on the Oddbins site. Currently described on Haringey’s pre-app report (June 2020) as –

“9 residential units (6 x 2bed & 3 x3bed) and 319sqm of retail floorspace across two shops (class A1) in a four-storey building over basement. Pre-application report issued – revised scheme with additional residential units to be submitted soon.”

1 Farrer Mews 

Ex-workshop commercial units currently described on Haringey’s pre-app report (June 2020) as – “Proposed development to Farrer Mews to replace existing residential, garages & Car workshop into 9 houses & 6 flats”

Though it’s been on the pre-app list with no update for a while.

Rear of Ramsey Court

  (image credit Haringey’s report)

Behind the large council block, Haringey are moving ahead with a development of the garage court (facing Barrington Road). 4 houses, report here.


  1. Mark Afford Author

    We’ve been reminded that the Oddbins site is now vacant – the Oddbins having announced its closure at the beginning of May. Whether there will be a meanwhile use before development we don’t know, but suspect it won’t be long before a planning application is submitted. The site is within the conservation area.

  2. Mark Afford Author

    STOP PRESS – Another possibility hoves into view, conversion to a nursery. See HGY/2020/1345 on the planning website.

    Will the application for residential be withdrawn? And is there a suspicion that the application for a nursery is playing games – a threat that if you don’t get the residential, make way for (count ’em) 138 little uns next door? What will the petitioners think?


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