Liveable Crouch End – Stakeholder Forum / Timetable / Guidelines

A brief report on the recent Liveable Crouch End Stakeholder meeting but with a wealth of attachments.


Minutes of the Stakeholder meeting

This note is prompted by the Liveable Crouch End team’s distribution of the minutes of the first stakeholder meeting. These minutes contain a good number of questions and respectable answers touching on a wide range of issues, from disabled parking to internal Haringey co-ordinations. The question of the Middle Lane / Park Road changes comes up, as does the build out of the pavement at the start of the 91 route near the Ferme Park Road roundabout. There is also a very long list of stakeholders with whom the project team wishes to remain in touch.
But there is little point in my repeating what has already been well set out. This is your chance to read them in attachment number 1.
2019-01-23 LCE Stakeholder Forum meeting minutes


Transport for London Project Guidelines

Attachment number 2 are the guidelines set out by TfL for a Liveable Neighbourhood. In table 5, under the heading ‘Monitoring’ is the question “Travel behaviour – Does the project contribute to modal shift and reductions in car use in favour of increased walking, cycling and public transport use? ” a point re-stated in the minutes where we read “This scheme must be a motivator for change to sustainable modes”. The project will not pass TfL reviews at key points if this is not seen to be true.


Air Quality Monitoring Sites

Attachment 3 is a map of where air quality monitoring is taking place. An improvement in air quality is another of the TfL criteria in table 5 of the guidelines above.


The Consultants’ Brief

The final attachment is the brief to which Project Centre are working. It sets out very clearly what the consultants must achieve, and includes a detailed timetable. It is the job of the project team to devise a scheme which satisfies all of the TfL criteria, keeps the people of Crouch End happy, passes all the Gateway checks so that further tranches of money are released qnd makes Crouch End more Liveable. Money for old rope!

Liveable Crouch End Timetable

Liveable Crouch End Timetable

Liveable Neighbourhood Feasibility Design and Engagement Brief v5


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