Middle Lane Planters to be retained – New New Road planter to be introduced

Toby Bowden has sent through updated drawings (23rd November) for the new proposals. (Zoom in on your phone, or right click on a computer and open image in a new tab, to see more detail)

New Road proposalMiddle Lane junction proposal

The Neighbourhood Forum has had a note from the Haringey engineers who were kind enough to meet with us last week, and to revise their proposal in order to retain the threatened planters at the Broadway end of Middle Lane.

The note from Toby Bowden is below.
Well done to the petitioners, headed by Katrine Camillo of Niddle Noddle.
The revised proposal brings the added benefit of a planted bed at the junction of New Road and Park Road.

This is the full note from Toby Bowden , a senior engineer with Haringey:

Summary of Middle Lane Planter Meeting

Date:               16 November 2017

Time:               1730 – 1830  

Attendees:      Adrian Essex – Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum

                        Cllr Peray Ahmet – Lead Member for Environment

                        Danny Gayle – LBH, Engineering Projects Manager

                        Toby Bowden – LBH, Senior Engineer


The corridor of Crouch End Hill, The Broadway and Park Road was identified as having a high number of Personal Injury Accidents (PIA).  As a result of this Haringey commissioned a study of the corridor to help identify the causes and what measures could be taken to help mitigate against the causes.


The report identified the junction of Middle Lane, The Broadway and Park Road as one of the locations where improvements were needed to help reduce the number of PIAs and the potential for PIAs.


The proposal, which entails the introduction of a mini roundabout is shown in the attached plan and has the following benefits;

  • ·         Improved sight lines at the junction and at the zebra crossings. Making it safer for pedestrians.
  • ·         A wider western footway to improve pedestrian facilities on The Broadway.
  • ·         Reduced congestion at the junction.

This proposal would have necessitated the removal of the planter on the corner of The Broadway and Middle Lane.


During the consultation period, which concluded on 5 November, Katrine Camillo started a petition to save the planter.  The petition received over 600 signatures and as a result of this we have developed an alternative proposal which includes;

  • ·         Raising the carriageway at the junction to footway level, this will slow vehicles and create a level crossing.
  • ·         Maintain a lower version of the planter, which is planted with lower shrubs, to improve visibility at the junction.
  • ·         Altering the location of the zebra crossing on Park Road to improve the sight lines of those using the crossing and drivers approaching the crossing.
  • ·         Removal of fire gate at New Road and introducing a permanent closure.


This proposal improves pedestrian visibility at the junction whilst also maintaining the planter, albeit a lower version.  The New Road element of the proposal will allow for improved public realm and additional green space to Crouch End and counter balance any planting diversity that may be lost as a result of the modified planter.  A schematic version of the proposals is attached.  I will forward a more refined version of the proposals before the Christmas Market on 2 December.


Our next step will be to notify the area which was consulted to inform them of the change to the proposals.




Toby Bowden

Senior Engineer

Haringey Council

Alexandra House, 10 Station Road, London N22 7TR

T. 020 8489 8301

E. [email protected]



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  1. John McGarvey

    Long-time listener, first-time caller here!

    I wasn’t able to participate in the initial consultation (I’ve been away for the last month and have only just learned of these plans) but I will be submitting some comments on these revised plans as this is a part of Crouch End I feel strongly about.

    To me, the real merit of the original proposal is that it allowed for the heavily-used footpath on the western side (near the photo shop and Home) to be widened. The existing footpath is narrow and unwelcoming – it makes people feel sandwiched between a busy road and buildings, and you’re frequently jockeying with others to squeeze past.

    I also understand why people feel strongly about the planters, and I’d be keen to understand if the engineers considered removing the middle filter land for traffic turning right, in order to widen the footpath and retain the planter.

    This would seem to be an obvious way to increase space for people in Crouch End, making this busy road after and more welcoming.

    Honestly, the current plan amount to tweaking the existing road layout. I can’t see that they’ll do anything to meaningfully reduce traffic speeds or volumes, improve safety or make the street more welcoming.


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