Neighbourhood Planning in St Ives hits the national headlines!

Plans to make all new-built houses ‘principle residence only’, in order to solve the local housing crisis, have received mentions in the Guardian and the BBC.

The St Ives Neighbourhood Development plan goes to referendum on 5th May 2016, and includes proposals to regulate who can live in new build housing. The plan is available on their website here, and the relevant document has the details on page 25. You can get their plan here.

The Guardian story is available here, and the one from the BBC is here. The neighbourhood planning framework that St Ives residents have used to write their local plan is the same legal framework that underpins Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum. It will be interesting to see the result of the referendum, and whether such neighbourhood planning gets more attention as a result.

For those who know the West Country, the question of second-home ownership will be familiar. For light relief, here is a link to a song about second homes, written by the famous folk group Show of Hands. Enjoy

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  1. Charlie Sharp

    Here is some claririfcation on what “principal residence only” means:-

    “In order to meet the housing needs of local people, bring greater balance and mixture to the local housing market and create new opportunities for people to live and work here, to strengthen our community and the local economy the St Ives NDP also supports the provision of full time principal residence housing. This is new housing which has to be used as the principal residence of the household living in it, but does not have the price controls that affordable housing does, or any local connection requirement.”

    The implication is that this is not a plan for housing only for local people, but for people who are making their lives in the area, be it by working, their children attending school, having their GP registration in the area etc. So it applies to both local residents and people moving into the area and does not discriminate between them.


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