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Carry On Crouch End

Enough of national debates we say, … time to recycle all those leaflets, sit back, and contemplate the joys of Crouch End instead. So we’re pleased to be at the Crouch End Festival on the Town Hall Square once again –
Saturday 10th June, 1030am – 4pm

This month’s theme: spending a penny (the community infrastructure levy). Come, meet, and we care not who you voted for.

Get to the Crouch End Festival

The Festival continues for the rest of the week, and features many affiliate members of the Forum, not least the Festival themselves, the Crouch End Players, Songworks, and venues including the ArtHouse, Earl Haig, Moors Bar, and many more.




We like the look of Round and About Crouch End, a selection of films about our local history with commentary from Professor Ian Christie, on Wed 14th and Sun 18th.

The full programme is at the CEF website.





Cash for Crouch End?

The amount of money identified for local projects under the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is growing. Enough for an extension of the Overground? Well, no. But a pot reaching a useful £half-a-million is perfectly possible.



We need to know what you think the spending priorities are, and are very keen to hear ideas for infrastructure projects. We’re asking the questions over the summer – want to know more? Click here, and send us your ideas by clicking the button above.

Hornsey Town Hall – the development hoves into view

A few hundred locals turned out to survey the plans for a re-purposed and restored Hornsey Town Hall a couple of weeks ago.

The consultation exercise foregrounded the choice of options for the green and square (option 1 pictured left), and gave us a glimpse into the development’s main elements – of residential units in the carpark (now 7 storeys high), the 67 serviced apartments of an ‘apart-hotel’, and the shape of an arts centre. The Forum would like your views too.




Hornsey Town Hall creative space?

The CENF economy group, mindful of Haringey Council’s suggestion that the development serve as a place-making initiative, saw an opportunity to fire off a proposal sharpish – and try to put a bit more ‘Crouch End’ back into the plans, something that aids the local economy and local creative businesses rather than just settle for another residential dorm.

The full proposal is on the Forum website, here, here, and here.



Looking into Shop Fronts

The appearance of the High Street repeatedly features in our consultations – when a shop front is artfully done it adds value to the whole environment, and some new arrivals (Waterstones?) can attract praise.  The CENF design and character group had a look.

If you’d like to get involved in this kind of work – or any of our working groups, let us know.


topsfield parade trad

The Forum are working toward a survey of Crouch End and the development of policies that can direct the way our community develops in the future – our Neighbourhood Plan

And don’t forget, new members are always welcome, no subscription necessary, and open to all. We have 100s of people, local organisations and businesses signed up. We have leaflets and posters too – if you’d like to display one, drop us a line

Keep an eye on our website for details of forthcoming meetings and events




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