Phone box blight – Haringey make a call

A common Crouch End grumble may be about to be resolved….  Haringey are running a consultation asking for comments on public phone kiosks. Particularly the filthy, urine-stained, anti-social, crime-ridden, drug-peddling examples.

Your attention is therefore drawn to the four boxes on the Town Hall Square. Serving chiefly as pissoirs, the only customers appear to be drug users (– not that we’d wish to unduly sway your judgement, perhaps there’s one person who considers placing a call once every six months or so). We would encourage as many residents as possible to register support for Haringey’s efforts and finally see the back of the boxes. Their numbers are:  020 83401690;  020 83489386;  020 83428162;  020 83428135.  Haringey’s consultation is here.

  Image, top: (c) google street view.

It’s worth repeating that this is Crouch End’s main square. The design of the space, and therefore street furniture is of real significance, whether for pedestrian movement, the aesthetics of the conservation area, the impact on the group of listed buildings, the placemaking and the indirect effects on the local economy. Add to that the reported £1m spent on the new Square by the Hornsey Town Hall developers – all will be despairingly compromised if the attempt to rid us of phone box blight fails. We want this new space. Let’s hope the whole group of dated, battered street furniture can be removed before the HTH grand opening later this year.

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  1. Mark Afford

    Don’t forget to add your comments to Haringey’s consultation. Surely we can get rid of the dreadful heaps. All 4 (!) of them.


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