Phone thefts by motorcyclists

The Forum has today circulated this advice to its members.


Dear Forum Member or Contact

First, apologies to disturb your New Year break, but we thought you should be aware that there have been at least two reports of theft of mobile phones from scooters over the past couple of days in the Broadway, as well as two in the Stroud Green area. The descriptions are a little vague – a black scooter and the riders wearing black and red clothes. Their technique is to mount the pavement and drive past the victim at speed and snatch the phone.

These incidents are very rare but incredibly distressing when they happen. If you have witnessed one of these snatches, please contact the Crouch End Safer Neighbourhood Team 0208 649 3515 or [email protected]


This is the advice that the CESNT offered in their last newsletter…


We strongly encourage you stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings while out and about especially if you need to use your mobile, also to report any sight of suspicious youths on mopeds by using the non emergency number 101


Moped crimes are always the same – the perpetrators mount the pavement on the moped to snatch the victim’s phone. Please consider not using your mobile phones in the street – wait until you can be rather safer somewhere inside! Please also think hard about using phone tracking function apps – they can really help track stolen phones.


Please pass this on to family and friends and ask them to be a little more careful and perhaps avoid using their mobiles in the street.


Very best wishes for a Happy and Peaceful New Year


for Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum Steering Group


  1. Crouch End resident

    This has happened again today when waiting for the W7 towards Finsbury Park – Crouch End Broadway stop at about 7:20 am.

  2. Adrian Essex

    This post is now 2 years old and the problem is still happening. Our local police recently held another meeting on the subject. There does seem to be some escalation, and the topic is far and away the most voted for item on a poll on the Met Police web site. The relevant link and some more information can be found on this link


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