Planning Applications

What’s going on, up, down or sideways in Crouch End.
Planning applications are generally a less than enthralling topic to explore. There are many of them and it can be hard to see the wood for the trees being lopped, windows being replaced and roof lights inserted. But sometimes a real doozy comes along, and it would be a shame to miss it until after permission has been granted. Do you remember the application for a lap dancing club in what is now the Arthouse. If we’d missed that one Crouch End might be a very different place.
So here is a short guide to looking up current planning applications (those on which the Haringey Planning Department has yet to pronounce) in Crouch End.
We’ll make this as easy as we can but there is still some grief to go through. Essentially the steps are:

  • 1) Go to the Haringey Planning Application Search page
    • a) enter the relevant parameters
    • b) scan the resulting list
  • 2) Go back to 1) and repeat until either you or the list of parameters is exhausted.

Luckily the list of parameters is not too long (though it is a bit long) and given luck someone reading this will find a way of improving this query process. Comments at the foot of the page please.

So in a bit more detail.

  • Go to the Haringey Planning Application Search page
  • Using the Advanced Search section enter these characters “N8 8__” in the ‘Address’ box
  • Change the ‘Current Decision’ to ‘Decision Pending’ by using the drop down list
  • Leave all the other fields unchanged (even ‘Ward = None’)
  • Click on the ‘Search’ button at the very foot of the page

What should result is a list of the current planning applications for the northern ‘half’ of Crouch End.

To see the southern ‘half’ of the list repeat the above steps but replace the partial post code with “N8 9__”.

We’re nearly there now. Unfortunately the two ‘halves’ do not quite make up the whole. Crouch End as defined for the Forum also includes small but desirable parts of N6 and N4.

To capture the N6 portion is a bit more fiddly. A request for “N6 5__” will bring back addresses in the Highgate Neighbourhood Area. I think this is the way to go, by producing a list with more in it than you want to see, and then discarding those outside the area. Maybe you can spot a pattern I haven’t seen in the full list of Crouch End N6 postcodes at the foot of the page.
The N4 portion has just four postcodes N4 4JS, N4 4SR, N4 4SS, N4 4ST so probably easiest to do these one by one.

As a planning Forum we will do our best to monitor all such applications, to pick out the odd or unwelcome. Your help would be greatly appreciated should we miss anything.

N6 postcodes in Crouch End
| N6 5AP | N6 5AW | N6 5DF | N6 5DG | N6 5DH | N6 5DJ | N6 5DL | N6 5DN | N6 5DP | N6 5DQ | N6 5DR | N6 5DS | N6 5DT | N6 5DU | N6 5DW | N6 5EF | N6 5FB | N6 5FD | N6 5ND | N6 5NE | N6 5NH | N6 5NJ | N6 5NL | N6 5NN | N6 5NP | N6 5NR | N6 5NU | N6 5NW | N6 5RD | N6 5RE | N6 5RF | N6 5RG | N6 5RH | N6 5RJ | N6 5RL | N6 5RN | N6 5RP | N6 5RQ | N6 5RR | N6 5RS | N6 5RU | N6 5RW | N6 5TW | N6 5TX | N6 5XB | N6 5XD | N6 5XP | N6 5XR | N6 5XS | N6 5XT | N6 5XU | N6 5XX | N6 5XY | N6 5YA