Road Safety comes to Crouch End

Many Crouch Enders noticed that there was a lot of traffic monitoring kit festooning the Broadway and other parts of Crouch End in the last few months. Transport and the design of roads in the town centre are going to be key themes in our neighbourhood plan, so we asked a Haringey Engineering Projects manager what the project was all about and he obliged us with the following reply –

(we thought the images may serve as reminder)


Transport investment is provided to the Council through the Local Implementation Plan [LIP] funded annually by TfL for both physical renewal and improvement of the Borough’s transport infrastructure alongside softer measures to promote behaviour change and engage with wider safety, health and environmental objectives including air quality through support for more walking and cycling. As part of this, we are required to deliver road safety schemes which are targeted at reducing total casualties with a focus on killed and seriously injured (KSI) casualties.

In 2014 we commissioned Mott McDonald, to undertake a study which provided an analysis of ALL road casualty data to inform future work-streams, both physical and behaviour change related. The study focused on pedestrian and cyclist accidents and highlighted any trends, the objective of which is to identify potential sites for the introduction of countermeasures to address identified accidents. 12 locations were selected by Haringey Council, after a review of the vulnerable road user cluster site analysis undertaken by Mott MacDonald in June 2014.

Two of the twelve locations that were identified are as follows:


1. Park Road, North-West of Middle Lane
This site is on Park Road and located north-west of the junction with Middle Lane (north). Park Road and Middle Lane (south) are connected together as the major road, which occurs on a right hand bend (when travelling southwards). Approximately 15m north of the bend is a zebra crossing. At the southern end of the junction with Middle Lane (north), a ghost island right turn lane is provided for northbound traffic.

2. Middle Lane/The Broadway
This site forms a three-way signalled junction between Middle Lane (north-west), A103 Tottenham Lane (north east) and the A103 Broadway (south). This is a predominately commercial shopping area with several controlled crossing points for pedestrians.

TrafficSGDplanSteer Davies Gleave (SDG) have been commissioned by Haringey to undertake a comprehensive study from Park Road at its junction with Lynton Road, heading south towards Crouch End Hill at its junction with Crescent Road N8, which encompasses the two locations above. The study area is shown on the attached plan.


Study Requirements

SDG will be required to undertake analysis of road casualty data. The data will relate to the latest three year period and will be provided by Transport for London’s Road Safety Unit. Traffic data undertaken in the form of counts, turning movements and video surveillance will also be reviewed.

SDG will be required to:
1. Identify overall patterns of casualties by location, road user and severity, including clusters of accidents
2. Identify trends in casualties by user and location
3. Produce an overall high-level programme of initiatives – physical and behaviour change aimed at reducing overall casualties
4. Identify locations for treatment of vulnerable road user casualties (pedestrians, cyclist, powered two wheeler, children and elderly), either specific local safety measures or traffic calming measures such as 20mph zones
5. Recommend appropriate road safety education initiatives (behaviour change) for vulnerable road users
6. Estimate expected accident reduction savings from the identified interventions for vulnerable road users
7. Provide recommendations for enforcement activities for discussion with Police and Council staff.

The final report is scheduled for completion at the end of May.


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