Stroud Green trees, a meeting July 7th

We know how interested locals are about the issue of trees, so we’re passing on the following regarding the current campaign in Stroud Green . . .

Save Stroud Green’s Street trees!

COME and have your say about our street trees. Home insurers are holding councils to ransom. 33 trees are threatened in Stroud Green, 199 in the Borough. There must be other ways.

Public meeting on Thursday 7th July from 6.00 to 8.00pm at: St. Aidan’s Primary School, Stapleton Hall Road, London, N4 4RR

Speakers include Cllr. Mike Hakata, Haringey Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for the Environment, Stroud Green’s three ward councillors: Eldridge Culverwell, George Dunstall and Alex Worrell, representatives from Haringey Council’s Parks and Tree Departments, Stop Home Insurers Felling Trees/SHIFT – Haringey, Haringey Tree Protectors, tree experts and local residents.

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