The Boundary Commission takes a dim view of Hornsey

People may have noticed another review of parliamentary boundaries is underway, due for completion 2023. Details at the Boundary Commission here. Unlike the recent review of Haringey council ward boundaries (which directly impact on local issues such as planning, see here), there isn’t a compelling reason for the Neighbourhood Forum to develop a response. Nevertheless, the complexity of the current proposals deserves a second glance as the convention of respecting administrative boundaries (such as Haringey) has gone, replaced by a strictly equal electorate count. So, for the first time in its history the old borough of Hornsey will be divided: Muswell Hill goes off to join Finchley (creating a 3 way marginal?), whilst Crouch End forms part of a seat dominated by Wood Green (Labour in perpetuity one supposes).

The initial proposal for north London:

Official proposals: 40. Hornsey & Wood Green; 29. Finchley & Muswell Hill; 67. Tottenham

Maybe there are other ways of drawing things? For example if you run with the Commission’s wish to join East Finchley and HGS to Muswell Hill, you could employ the boundary below to keep Hornsey together. But it’s just a thought. Get your comments in to the Boundary Commission here. You can be sure the political parties will.

A proposal – discussion only!


For info, this was the outcome of the abandoned 2018 parliamentary boundary review. It retained Hornsey:

2018 abandoned review

But what would Lady Gammons think?

Image: NPG, creative commons

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