‘Think Piece’ on Hornsey Town Hall Square

The open space outside the Town Hall is loved by many as a much needed green oasis and makes the setting for the Town Hall building. It has, however, got rather tired and compromised by a number of alterations over 80 years. We believe the space will be included in the lease for the Town Hall and those taking on the building will have ideas on how they might change it. We also think it could be improved as a wider collaborative project. As a community, it is worth being ‘ahead of the game’, so the ‘Think Piece’ below starts to tease out issues that could guide any restoration or change project from our perspective. We will ask more opinions and seek more views over the summer, but we need to have thoughts from the community to help us steer changes for a good outcome that will make the space a better ‘heart’ to the town centre. 

160405 Town Hall Square Think Piece

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