Town Hall Square design (a recap)

Here’s an issue that often comes up: the new square. It’s clearly an important matter for the community – and, we think, one for the local economy too. The hoardings are due to come down this summer.

We thought a quick run through of design development might interest people. The drawings are by MAKE architects for the developers, Far East Consortium. In private ownership for a few years already, the square will remain a public space and will hopefully meet expectations – the new design is inspired by the original 1930s layout. Hopefully too, occasional mis-informed campaigns will fade a little. One thing that may yet change is the central horse chestnut tree. Apparently not in the best of health. We’ll see.

Please note, the annotations are by CENF.

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  1. Mark Afford Author

    Latest timings: the front part of the Square should see the light of day in the Autumn.
    And beforehand, the HTH marketing suite will open in the ex-Middeys unit. Perhaps May.


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