Town Hall Square re-emerges

Lido? Launch pad? Penguin pool?

Well, despite the ill-informed rumours to the contrary, it may just be the long awaited return of the green (it’s a bit late). We look forward to the planting and the lawn, and it looks as if things will be properly open to the public in a few weeks or so. In time for summer. Maybe the new pizzeria will open at the same time. Huzzah.

   (above, image credit: Hornsey Town Hall)

In the meantime, what do people reckon? Is there a suggestion of 1930s deco to it? How does it work with the listed buildings? Are the paved areas commodious enough? What about the new lamp posts? Should the ailing horse chestnut have been replaced?  … And FYI: the rear section including a refurbed fountain lies behind the relocated hoarding.

You may have guessed we’re genuinely pleased this thing is happening at last. A welcome renaissance for Crouch End awaits.


Above: the original curved 1935 layout, the new design is a direct reference  (image credit: Hornsey Historical Society)


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  1. Mark Afford Author

    We’re hearing the grass is due to be laid in mid/late May.


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